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María Guadalupe de los Ángeles

María Guadalupe de los Ángeles (a.k.a. Mamá G)

María Guadalupe is the kind, elderly woman who took in Catalina Hernandez after she involuntarily reanimated in the Rangeley Medical Center morgue in 1965. Seeing much of herself in Catalina's struggles and story of betrayal and unfulfilled promises, she agrees to help Catalina stop The Order and the CIA from accidental creating a viable superhuman.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A young, love-stuck María Guadalupe, an illegal immigrant, blindly followed the man of her dreams, Hector Sanchez, to Boston, MA, until he gambled their meager life savings in mafia-related activities and fell victim to their wrath when he couldn't pay off his debts.   Alone and penniless, and despite her grief, María Guadalupe picked herself up, found renewed courage through her rekindled faith, and started cleaning houses to earn money.   She met charming man named Raymundo Rodriguez and conceived an illegitmate daughter with him. To her dismay, Raymundo abandoned her when the child was born. She named the child Yolanda, who would eventually become the grandmother of and legal guardian for Carlos Domínguez.   Eventually, she found herself cleaning summer homes in Rangeley, ME. When Abbot Elijah Miller hired her to clean his home year-round and discovered she barely spoke English, he secured a cleaning job for her at Rangeley Medical Center and assigned her The Order's secret wing. After she proved her trustworthiness, he put her in charge of cleaning the Rangeley Reactor Core and the Orgonon home above.


María Guadalupe holds a high school diploma.


María Guadalupe is the cleaning lady for Orgonon and the Rangeley Reactor Core. She also cleans the secret wing at Rangeley Medical Center. Though she is grate full to Abbot Miller, María Guadalupe doesn't trust the white men she works for because they hold her illegal immigrant status over her head. (This ensures she keeps her mouth shut about everything and anything she sees in the underground facility.)

Failures & Embarrassments

Believing in her deceased lover Hector, who squandered their savings and got himself killed by the mafia.


Family Ties

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Religious Views

Roman Catholic. She is deeply religious and often prays the rosary or sings church hymns while cleaning.
Current Location
1889 1967 78 years old
Dark Brown
Curly, frizzy gray hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light brown, spotted
5' 4"
Known Languages


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