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Session I: The Misfits

General Summary

Four criminals based in Valland all showed up to the same Castellan Enterprises building on a dark Lathambris night. Avaahn Casper, half-elf assassin from Elaria, hunting a bounty on Virelios Castellan's head; Jinx , changeling hacker from Valland, seeking the prototype EMP device in development for use on a job; Balasar Blackwater, Aasimar member of The Inferno, seeking the prototype EMP device to make a fortune on the Black Market, aided by Tarik Gamathanki, prized goliath fighter from a remote tribe in the mountains of Kalleia. Little did they know, Castellan had intended for this exact scenario.
  Avaahn Casper and Jinx opted for a silent infiltration, Avaahn Casper relying on invisibility in the darkness and Jinx appearing as one of Castellan's security guards. Balasar and Tarik, however, opted for the loud invasion, driving a technomagic automobile straight through the wall. After fighting over the EMP device for a good while, Castellan revealed himself, only to reveal their actual reason for being here.
  Virelios Castellan, famous CEO of Castellan Enterprises, the wealthiest and most advanced technomagic company of the age, was looking to expand his business horizons in the world of crime. To do this, he created the perfect criminal heist; lax security protecting an expensive device housed in an isolated facility. Instead of alerting the police or dealing with these criminals as anyone would, Castellan hired them.
  This new employment marked the beginning of their working as a group, deciding to test their teamwork robbing a local bank. The operation went fairly smoothly, although the majority of the money in the bank was robbed seconds before by a much more famous criminal by the name of Lady Luck.
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
09 Mar 2019


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