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Lady Luck

Jade la Chance (a.k.a. Lady Luck)

Physical Description

Physical quirks

On her public documents, Jade LaChance's eye color is listed as simply "blue". However, ever since her time as "Lady Luck," she had had heterochromia with a blue right eye and a green left eye.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jade LaChance was born into a poor family of four, the youngest daughter with an older brother by 2 years. She was born at home in the border town of Malheur, Valland, adjacent to Scarlet. In a horrible turn of fate, Jade's mother died in childbirth, leaving their father alone in taking care of the children.   Growing up, Jade had spent little time with her father, as he was usually off working late hours to make enough money for the family. There wasn't enough money to pay for a babysitter, so much of her childhood was left alone with her older brother. They developed a very strong relationship, growing very independent without any parents around at all times. Unbeknownst to their father, the LaChance children were known to steal from local stores and businesses, as they didn't really have any belongings of their own aside from the essentials.   When Jade was 16, she received a devastating visit from the police. They had come to tell her that her older brother had died in a car crash on the way home from work, leaving her the only child left. This drove her and her father into a dark place, until the father had an incredible turn of luck.   Two years after his son's death, Jade's father was the lucky winner of the lottery, winning an incredible amount of money. These profits could fund a comfortable life for the two of them for decades, unlike any life they had ever known. But this news was too good to be true.   Jade's father's recent bonus made him a prime target for the prevalent underworld of the area, especially that of the Cromoni Mafia which had been in the process of moving westwards from Scarlet. One night, Jade's father never came home from work, and a police investigation was only able to find the family that did it. After this, Jade's public records end, and she is declared dead by suicide.   In the following years, a new solo criminal by the moniker "Lady Luck" started to make the news, robbing banks, escaping prisons, and stealing from high security corporations. This moniker of hers was all to fitting, as she didn't operate on spells, combat prowess, or anything of the sort. She was just incredibly lucky to the point of everyone's fate around her bending to suit her fortune. She was never successfully identified by the police, but she did reveal her identity to the Black Dawn (as well as, presumably, other trusted criminal contacts).   She was first seen by the Black Dawn in their first outing outside of Virelios Castellan's orders, in which they robbed the Goblin's Greed Bank. Their ultimate profit from such a job was utterly decimated, as Lady Luck arrived on the scene before them, guessing the password to the safe on her first try. Her next run-in with the Misfits came about on their high-speed car chase through Anchora, Valland, escaping the police with bags upon bags of Castellan's pixie dust. Lady Luck aided the Misfits in their escape, then parting ways once they returned to a Vallandian city.   After their escape, their getaway vehicle ran out of gas on their way to a different city. The criminals decided to hitch a ride with some hopefully welcoming citizen, and that's exactly what they got. A lovely halfling couple pulled over to the side of the road, unknowingly welcoming the wanted criminals into their minivan. While talking to Lady Luck and the Misfits, a police broadcast interrupted the radio to describe the very wanted criminals outside of their car. Before the halfling family could process their situation, they were immediately attacked. The wife was knocked unconscious by Lady Luck, whereas her husband was killed by Balasar Blackwater. After returning to Anchora with their minivan, Lady Luck had not been seen by criminals nor the public since.   The only indication as the Lady Luck's whereabouts that the Black Dawn has lies in a group picture sent by their revenge-driven enemies. The halfling wife that Lady Luck spared on that highway is pictured holding Lady Luck's trademark mask above her head, indicating her apparent death at the hands of the halfling.


Growing up extremely poor, Jade was never part of a very good education. Notably, she was also never educated in spellcasting nor martial combat.
Rebel Neutral
Date of Birth
7th of Aurum, 548
Malheur, Valland
Current Residence
Unknown, presumed deceased
Long, red, blond towards the ends
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light, Freckles
140 lbs.
Known Languages


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