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Primus is a stable Realm formed from the balance of the elemental Realms. It could be considered the Realm of True Neutrality. Yet, it is a Realm of wide variety, carrying the nature of all elements and para-elements. It naturally borders the elemental planes which surround it, and connects to them through various elemental portals, as well. Gates to the outer Realms exist on Primus too, but are much rarer.   This Realm is the birthplace of humans, who are the main population. But several species have settled on Primus. Those who immigrated from other Realms enjoy its tempered nature, as Primus generally lacks the extremes of its neighbours.   But that isn't to say Primus is free of excitement. Its underworld is a hive of monsters and labyrinths, its surface a wild landscape of untamed wilderness and ancient ruins, freckled with portals to other Realms. Its cities are marvels of ingenuity, and its seas are home to krakens and sunken treasure alike.


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The Prime Material Realm
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Wheel Placement

The Great Wheel
Cartography/Cosmography by Obsidian Reach, with backgrounds edited by me.

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