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The Realm of Goodness, unrestrained by law and not disrupted by chaos, Elysium sits at the northernmost peak of the Crossroad Realms, pulled most strongly by the cosmic forces of positivity.   Referred to collectively as islands, Elysium's innermost province of Amoria is actually a mainland, sharing a land border with the Beastlands.


Elysium's geography is most notable as the headwaters and mouth of the River Oceanus. The river's bizarrely circular route originates as a current in the archipelago, cutting through the larger islands and then flowing inland through Amoria.   In its landforms, Elysium composes a large archipelago and the northern edge of the Eastern Continent. Furthest out to sea are the small island chains of Thalasia. Two of the largest islands are the low-lying but peaceful marshland of Belierin and the mountainous Eronia.   Across the channel from Eronia and Belierin is the mainland of Amoria, which, like most outer realms, stretches northwards eternally. Most of its geography is composed of gentle hills, flowering meadows, and thin forests of deciduous trees.

Localized Phenomena

Elysium's allure can be difficult to leave. Many inhabitants of the Blessed Islands never planned to move there, they just... never got around to leaving. Arcanists argue whether this is truly a Realm Effect, though. After all, rational thought would also persuade most creatures to stay as long as possible. Elysium, they point out, is objectively the best place in the world. Healing magic works better there, destructive and malevolent creatures are repelled, and prosperity is effortless. What reasonable person would willingly return to the world of strife and danger after landing there?


Elysium does experience a full range of weather patterns, but they tend to not reach the extremes of other locales. In general, the isles enjoy a balmy, late-summer temperature nearly year-round.

Fauna & Flora

While it varies across Elysium's provinces, the plant life is generally composed of deciduous trees and all variety of temperate to tropical flowering plants. The mountainous island of Eronia also has copses of shady conifers as well as hardier plants, but most of Elysium provides easy growing conditions for nearly anything.   Elysium has an astonishingly diverse array of wildlife. Many beasts make their homes across the islands, many of which are a celestial variety of their species, unique to Elysium. Many "True Celestials" such as hollyphants and Ki-Rin make their homes here, too.

Natural Resources

The pears of Elysium are a much-desired commodity across the realms. Unfortunately, they expire quickly outside the Realm, and are thus difficult to transport.


Many creatures visit Elysium to rest or recover from illness or overwork. As Elysium is also the home to many deities, several petitioners also make pilgrimage here to make requests of their patrons in person. Just as many also come seeking the Guardinals; a species and organization devoting to fighting evil across the world and defending innocent creatures from harm.
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