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An inner realm perfectly spread between the Positive and Chaotic energies of the Realms, Oceanus is an ever-shifting sea with balmy temperate to tropical climates, except on the borders of the Frostfell.   A few islands dot the surface of the Eternal Seas of Oceanus, providing much-needed rest for sailing surface-dwellers. But the bulk of activity in this Realm swims below the waves.


Charting the entirety of Oceanus is difficult, due to the rarity of islands and the shifting nature of its borders with the Frostfell and The Swamp of Oblivion. Moreover, since surface races rely on spell and artifice to survive below the waves, ongoing attempts by the The Cartographers' Guild to chart the sea floor are slow-going.   Despite the omnipresence of water in this Realm, Oceanus boasts several biomes. Huge deep-sea trenches, kelp forests, plains of sea grass, massive coral reefs, islands and atolls provide a beautiful seascape.


Surface-dwellers on Oceanus' surface experience life similarly to those dwelling in Primus' warmer climes. Below the sea however, life is different.   Currents function as both wind and highway, an important part of both sapient life in Oceanus and the cycles of season and migration among wild populations. Maelstroms and hurricanes wrack the surface and shallows, but go largely unnoticed by deep-dwelling folk.

Ecosystem Cycles

What happens on the surface of Oceanus usually reaches the bottom at some point. Ships smashed on its reefs settle on the ocean floor as wrecks or splinters. Great fish who breathe their last in the shallows fall to be consumed by detritivores on the bottom, and so forth.

Fauna & Flora

As well as all manner of fish and marine mammal, Oceanus is home to several fearsome and magical foes. Mighty Krakens writhe in the deep and, in the wilder parts of the sea, great serpents and dragons slice through the waves to prey on foolish ships.

Natural Resources

Pearls, sea glass, trophies from sea monsters, and of course, plentiful fishing are the primary assets of Oceanus.


  • Oceanus Realm Map
    Black tokens indicate underwater locations, while grey tokens are surface locations. Most of Oceanus' life is below its waves.   While referred to collectively as Oceanus, the Realm is actually composed of two seas which meet north of the Frostfell. The The Misty Sea on the west side of the Frostfell is named for the constant fog which hovers over its surface. It is directly beneath Auria.   The Sea of Light refers to the eastern sea. The name derives from the exceptionally-clear waters, which allows light to penetrate extraordinarily deeply, supporting life at a depth unheard-of in other oceans.   The Darkened Depths, on the other hand, refer to the deepest areas of the ocean, where the light cannot reach. The Darkened Depths are not a specific region, but a general term for the deepest parts of the sea floor.   Made with Inkarnate.
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Cartography/Cosmography by Obsidian Reach, with backgrounds edited by me.

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