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The Beastlands are a haven of wilderness and wild nature, with no roads or structures to be found. It is a land peopled and ruled entirely by beasts.   Caught between the cosmic pulls of chaos and neutral goodness, the Beastlands is not as placid and safe as its neighbour Elysium, but is also not quite as given to the swings of passion and instinct as Arborea. It is simply wild nature, with all the beauty, peace, and danger that entails.


The Beastlands are a wildly varied Realm, with every possible biome represented. The Realm Magic of this plain limited the effects of a given biome on its neighbours. For instance, a traveller might hack their way through a jungle, only to push a leaf aside and look out on a glacier.   The one exception to this contrast is the River Oceanus, which remains the same temperate, gentle temperature as it ambles across the Realm.

Localized Phenomena

The Realm itself seems to revel in the variety of its ecosystems, and the Realm magic works to maintain them. The climate and ecology of a given biome does not seem to affect its neighbours, with wetlands staying marshy despite the sandy desert only steps away. Weather was similarly altered according to each biome.


The climate of any given region depends upon its biome. The Realm Magic keeps glaciers cold, jungles humid, deserts dry, etcetera. Weather patterns also mimic those normal to the environ. A white, fluffy cloud might darken quickly as it passes from grassland to wetland, rapidly developing a torrent for the marshes below.

Fauna & Flora

Every natural biome is represented in the Beastlands, and thus every form of natural plant life is represented - along with some invasive magical species such as Treants and Shambling Mounds.   The immense variety of the Beastlands' geography allows every beast species—including its Giant variations—to be represented. However, including these species as "fauna" is somewhat incorrect. Within this Realm, all beasts are sapient, with an intelligence range comparable to that of Humans. In addition, they can all speak and otherwise communicate with other sapient species.   the Beastlands are also home to the Mortai, sky-spirits who manifest as beastlike faces in the clouds. The Mortai are certainly not only sapient, but vastly intelligent, and in addition to controlling the wind and weather of the Beastlands, can converse with its subjects in any language on any topic.

Natural Resources

As a massive, unsettled wilderness, the Beastlands is rich in all manner of natural resources, especially in terms of its flora. However, its bestial citizens guard these resources as closely as their own pelts.


People to whom nature is important are often drawn to the Beastlands. Rangers, for instance, often travel their to bond more closely with their animal companions. Lycans and were-creatures sometimes seek out the Beastlands, hoping to find kinship or community with their cousins. Several people come to poach, but often find their task harder than they might have thought.

Wheel Placement

The Great Wheel
Cartography/Cosmography by Obsidian Reach, with backgrounds edited by me.