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The Realm of Air is an expanse of sky scattered with cloud structures and floating islands. Strong currents of air flow through the Realm and serve as the main infrastructure for its airborne inhabitants.


Being a realm of air and wind, Auria lacks any significant landforms. A few floating islands drift about the Realms, but are generally distant from each other. Its technical floor is the Misty Sea, which is eternally fogged. However, all the cloudforms, flying fortresses, airships, and earth motes have their own gravity, so a person who falls in Auria moves toward the nearest other solid body, not necessarily into the Misty Sea.   The atmosphere is generally cold, chilled by the constant winds. In the higher altitudes and near the borders of the Frostfell, ice and snow are common.

Ecosystem Cycles

Without any large landforms to slow them down, the winds of Auria are nearly constant. Occasionally, their force gathers into tornadoes or severe thunderstorms. Fortunately for Auria's inhabitants, such weather events are rare, and the winds are mild to moderate most of the time.

Localized Phenomena

All surfaces over a certain size generate their own gravity, and the simplest way to move from one place to another is to fall. The specific size at which an object can pull other objects toward it is difficult to pin down.   Mapping Auria is complicated because of this subjective gravity. It is also the reason why folk say that you can "fall forever" in Auria.

Fauna & Flora

Fauna that lacks flight has a hard time surviving in Auria. But all manner of birds, dragons and flying insects make their home here. Some non-flying creatures eke out an existence on cloudform settlements or the plane's few floating islands. A few smaller species form a symbiotic relationship with flying creatures - hitching a ride across the expanse in exchange for cleaning bacteria off their ride's hide, or scaring off predators.   Flora is rare outside of flying citadels, due to the lack of landforms. What flora does live on the islands is twisted into bizarre shapes by the wind.


Airship cruises are a popular escape for wealthy folk from all over the Realms. While these tours usually move beyond Auria itself to show off lavish views of Primus' jungles or the sparkling seas of Oceanus, they usually originate in Auria.
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Cartography/Cosmography by Obsidian Reach, with backgrounds edited by me.

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