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The Twin Paradises of Bytopia consist of two floating islands connected by mountain peaks like stalagmites and stalactites. Looking up from Shurrock, the lower islands which floats in place on the northwest waves of Oceanus, one sees not the sky but the mountains and fields of Dulthion. This view can be upsetting and claustrophobic to creatures used to an open sky, but it is comforting on a deep level to Gnomes, who trace their origin to this Realm.


Bytopia is divided into two islands, with Shurrock floating above Dulthion and anchored together by mountains. The distance is roughly 20 miles from Shurock's sea level to Dulthion's edge, and the top of Shurrock is a craggy mountain range forested with resilient pines, where the Realm's protectors make their lairs.

Localized Phenomena

Bytopia operates under localized gravity, similar to Acheron. A possible, but dangerous, form of travel from one layer to the other is to simply climb up a connecting mountain until the gravity reverses about 12 miles from the opposite surface. Travel by hot-air balloon is more popular, as it avoids the dangerous creatures who live in the mid-space of the mountains.   As well, ordinarily non-sapient creatures such as Beasts in Bytopia experience an effect similar to entering the Beastlands. All creatures in Bytopia are intelligent, though creatures that do not possess language remain without it. Their mental capacities are comparable in range to that of Humans, and just as variable.


Bytopia has a temperate climate, though like Arcadia it experiences all four seasons. However, its winters are relatively balmy, its summers just-this-side of uncomfortably warm, and while it does experience rain, blizzards, blustering winds, and other unpleasant weather, these phenomena reaching the point of natural disaster is exceptionally rare.

Fauna & Flora

All manner of beasts are native to Bytopia, as well as magical monsters who mostly live on Shurrock, and a wide variety of Celestial creatures migrated from Celestia.

Natural Resources

Bytopia's mining industry is legendary. In the deepest mines, there are vortices leading to the Elemental Realms of Earth and Fire, which enrich the earth's minerals and assist in the smelting. Shurrock is especially abundant in earthen resources, with fistfuls of vibrant gems only a few pick-strikes under the surface.


A certain Gnomish Myth says the pieces of Bytopia were once united together, the entire realm a massive geode which Garl Glittergold cracked open. When he looked inside, he found both brilliant, living gems which he shaped into the first Gnomes, and a splendid, impenetrable metal, which he forged into the Adamantine Dragons. He then pulled the halves of the geodes apart to give his creations some space, and the two have lived happily in their home-burrow ever since.   The Dragons reject their part in this myth, but are otherwise unbothered by it.


Dulthion, the lower layer, is a popular place to visit, especially along its coast, where creatures accustomed to a sky can still behold it by sailing out a short distance. Dulthion is settled, and many people of other realms keep comfortable cottages and vacation homes on Dulthion.
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