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The largest province of Arborea is best known for its huge, old-growth forest whose trees have never heard the ring of a woodcutter's axe. The canopy renders this province in shade even at noon, though rays of sun or moonlight slip through in places.
Beyond the woods, fields of wild grass give way to settlements and rolling hills, and rambling rivers crash down over cliffs and mountains to form waterfalls. Just as Aquallor embodies marine beauty, Arvandor is the picture of woodland wonders.


The forest and mountainsides are littered with ruins of ancient Giant civilizations. A tall range of mountains divide the forest from Mithardir.   The River Oceanus flows through this realm from the Beastlands, on its way to Ysgard.


The shade from the canopy inhibits growth on the forest floor, leaving a carpet of soft fallen leaves and moss. The utter lack of permanent infrastructure makes it easy to get lost in these woods.

Ecosystem Cycles

The day/night cycle here is similar to that of Primus, as are the four seasons. However, the weather is especially changeable, perhaps due to the pull of Chaos on this side of the Realms. It is said that the weather here alters to reflect the moods of Powers and other strong emotional forces within it. A time of great mourning, for instance, could bring an early winter.

Localized Phenomena

Many significant geographic features are ruled over by nature spirits. This phenomenon is not unique to Arvandor, but due to the emotional volatility of Arborea as a whole, the whims of these spirits affect the landscape in ways that would be unprecedented in other realms.   An angry river spirit could redirect their entire course to avoid the cause of their indignation, whereas an especially pleased Dryad could overgrow an entire town in their excitement.

Fauna & Flora

All manner of beast and fey are native to Arvandor. Its plains are roamed by herds of wild horses, giant eagles nest atop its mountains, and the High Forest is full of all manner of beast and fey - giant spiders, hollyphants, bears, and even unicorns.

Natural Resources

As woodcutting is forbidden, Arvandor's prized magical boughs are obtained only through special favour or illegal cutting. Hunting, on the other hand, is a celebrated sport, and game is always plentiful.


In a previous age, this country was settled by Giants. The Eladrin engaged them in a mighty war, and chased them out. Whether this is the Giant birthplace is debated, though the elven citizens of Arvandor hotly deny even the possibility.


Arvandor is a popular destination for those who wish a deeper connection to the primal forces of nature. Being the birthplace of elvenkind, some elves also feel compelled to make a pilgrimage here.
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The High Forest
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