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Annyrion/Calinan Sea Summer Camp 2021 Hub

Hello and welcome to the hub article for World Anvil Summer Camp 2021. This will be a central hub where I'll be linking to all work I've carried out for this year's Summer Camp.    

Welcome to the Calinan Sea

"Welcome to the Calinan Sea, wayfarer. Fortune and excitement await, are you willing to grab them?"
-Greeting from an Avadian penteconter captain to a new crew member
    All of my Summer Camp submissions will be set in my world of Annyrion, with a special focus on the Calinan Sea region. To see some of what has come before and what my intentions are, I recommend checking out the Annyrion World Meta document, or why not go straight to the world root and see what catches your interest?  
The Calinan Sea

A Bronze Age fantasy world


The Pledge


"I pledge before Venderus that I will stay true to my goal. May the Basileus be my guiding light, may the Solars hold me accountable and may my comrades and Guardians stand by my side."
-oath of a Kalriv initiate in the Sunburst Legion

  Here is my Pledge Document for this year, which lays out my intentions and inspirations for this Summer Camp. It's also a useful companion to the World Meta in terms of what I want to achieve:  
My Summer Camp 2021 Worldbuilding Pledge Document
Generic article | Jun 23, 2021

The Articles

"Before you is the single greatest repository of knowledge Arikanda - no, Annyrion - has to offer. Religious knowledge, political knowledge, philosophy, the sciences and arts, metaphysics and magic, the beautiful poetry of Basileus Astagon - if there is a tablet worth reading, it is here."
-a philosopher welcoming a travelling noble to the Academy
  Once I complete each of the Summer Camp prompts, I will be linking each one here so they can be easily accessed. This is something I wish I had done for 2020 and I've learned my lesson!   Update 9th July 2021: Woohoo, Copper achieved!
Update 17th July 2021: Silver completed!
Update 28th July 2021: Gold!
31st July 2021: Diamond! Holy cow I did it!    
Solar Gardens
Building / Landmark | Jul 2, 2021
Wax tablet
Item | Jul 2, 2021
Meikat's Flight
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 3, 2021
Species | Jul 3, 2021
Ethnicity | Jul 5, 2021
Legionary's Bane
Condition | Jul 5, 2021
Geographic Location | Jul 6, 2021
Technology / Science | Jul 7, 2021
The Fallen Star
Myth | Jul 8, 2021
Solar Soul
Myth | Jul 9, 2021
Marai Desert
Geographic Location | Jul 12, 2021
Species | Jul 12, 2021
Sunburst Legion
Organization | Jul 28, 2021
Ethnicity | Jul 3, 2022
Tanorite Imperium
Organization | Jul 13, 2021
Language | Jul 14, 2021
Magantine Charter
Document | Jul 14, 2021
Avadi's Amphora
Item | Jul 15, 2021
The Forging
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 17, 2021
Market magistrate
Profession | Jul 17, 2021
Campus of Peace
Building / Landmark | Jul 21, 2021
Maressja Eclipse
Character | May 1, 2022
Kodiak Guard
Military Formation | Jul 26, 2021
Selia's Lagoon
Settlement | Jul 25, 2021
Danaë of Selia
Character | Jan 28, 2024
Settlement | Jul 26, 2021
Material | Jul 26, 2021
Kjoqvist-Calinan Trading Company
Organization | Oct 10, 2021
Rank/Title | Jul 28, 2021
Tralbahr Olfenden
Character | Jul 28, 2021
Mataran Heresy
Military Conflict | May 1, 2022

Closing Statements

  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I have to offer! There will be plenty of stuff to come so please check back for more. I encourage you to visit the Summer Camp 2021 challenge page regularly so that you can see a whole bunch of other talented creators make some magic, and I wish everyone the best of luck!   -Liam J. Johnston, 1st July 2021

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