The Yi-Hlenga in Sedibeng

Entering Sedibeng

The doors were tightly closed for the longest time. But in the last century, they opened ever so slightly.

There's a rule that families must, most certainly have papers with the direct approval of a noble family, combined with Municipalities, and, depending on the size of the group species.

The Ndlovu-Sana were the first to welcome a single Yi-Hlenga family to try to survive. Living in Sedibeng is an extremely dangerous vocation, even in the most civilized of lands. Time passed and people were to be okay with them.

The Ndlovu-Sana House brought them forward for a reason. The Golden Eagles experiment was good but with limited results. At least for Grounds Keepers, until the Yi-Hlenga, the family coming in as Grounds Keepers in training.

Their purpose was observation and movement. The family, putting everything together, gelled. But out of nowhere one of the family was hurt, it became a fight as the danger of Sedibeng became apparent. The grand experiment. It had become a failure in a moment flat.

The Ndlovu-Sana House, along with the Ndlovu House put things together and the family compensated them enough to bring more in. In a few years, there were a dozen Yi-Hlenga then four dozen Yi-Hlenga working under the banner of the Ndlovu House as more space was opened for them to live, but there was a cost as they could be pierced and poisoned at any time.

They're gold to a Grounds Keeper, valuable enough to have people fighting for their loyalty, and wealth forming for them.

The Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles were movement perfection, but the situation had changed with a portion of their market had been prepared.

It wasn't a good thing for them as the Yi-Hlenga are far more aggressive and willing to fight, and die, for victory and the sake of fighting.
Any aggression for the Golden Eagle has to be injected via the feathers of the Black Air Raiders.

A clear line had been drawn, but there was still animosity, it is not uncommon for both groups of young to be antagonistic.

Grounds Keepers

Due to their history and cultural purpose, it's built into their culture to work for or rather aid the Grounds Keepers. Doing anything else negatively stands, having many within and without discussing the standout actor as 'strange' unless they can work against the negative impression.

This stigma, at least for the Ndlovu House, was brought purposefully to make things harder when it came to breaking out. The Golden Eagles of Sedi are generally okay with this, but many within would try break out.

This makes anyone who breaks out, unique, and a shining beacon, who must fight not to be snuffed out.


Upon their start they lived within the Ndlovu-Sana House, breaking bread with them, but when things went bad spread to the Ndlovu House for decades before being built land with the Grounds Keepers to work different locations.
This lasted decades, before a deal was made with a few Ndlovu-Sana-Sana Master Grounds Keeper to earn money enough to buy them land in North Sibini with the promise of greater independance which caused very negative waves, the Ndlovu-Sana house greatly, growing their confidence.
This was a boon for the Yi-Hlenga who greatly appreciated this and were pushed to support the Ndlovu-Sana House and managed to move to East Sun Sibini as independant working factions.


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