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Bazani Ndlovu-Sana

Bazani Ndlovu-Sana

Bazani is not a bloodline member of the Ndlovu-Sana House, marrying into Ndlovu-Sana house from her clan, a clan built from the success in the art of papermaking. She didn't qualify as a superior, none of her family did, but earned enough riches to put her family into the spotlight.

Academics were not her goal. She wanted to be a top Archers player, but it wasn't allowed. Her family didn't want her to waste time.

As a compromise, she was signed into a military school made specifically for nobility, she was incredibly young and sharp and ahead for her age.

But not being a part of a banner house, which despite her constantly growing list of achievements meant no acclaim. She was viscously bullied and harassed until the man of her dreams appeared.

Her and Slindile Ndlovu-Sana were ahead for their age and eager achievers who eventually united to stand out.

Him a brilliant fencer, talented logistical mind and politician.

Her an outstanding archer and tactician, willing and able to command from the frontlines.

Their teamwork didn't waste time in becoming a bud of love. Almost immediately Slindile sent out a letter of intent to Bazani's family. To say it was a surprise to her family was an understatement, the Ndlovu-Sana House didn't take it well either. At first, her mother immediately refused but Slindile promised she would not be her main wife, only the first and that he would have more, and that Bazani would, on her own, prove her worth, so much so that their child would lead them to a new age.

Her mother approved as she always did when it came to him.

But for Bazani, it wasn't near enough. How could it have been? She may not have had nobility in her but by god, she never settled for less before and wouldn't settle then.

She fought; not to prove love to the Matriarch but to Slindile, her symbol of freedom.

From her family and to choose her destiny, and she chose him. And so took the harassment, enduring, fighting back, learning about her fiance, hustling to become one of the best leaders in the school's history.

Sadly it wasn't enough.

It was Slindile who was offered an officer's position. He didn't take it; instead forcing the armies to acknowledge her. It wasn't how she imagined it, but she was quick to thrive. Him doing the talking and her the killing as they became the true commanders in the field of fighting, going as far as working under The Qengeba House.


Family Ties


Slindile Ndlovu-Sana


Towards Bazani Ndlovu-Sana

Bazani Ndlovu-Sana


Towards Slindile Ndlovu-Sana

Current Location
Year of Birth
322 UA 32 Years old


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