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The Qengeba House

Public Agenda

They are a meticulous people. This is something they have taught themselves. It is in their very thought process, their motto.
"Faith in the next, just as the first."


  The Qengeba house was once a military house, putting training and effort into making warriors of both their men and women. They knew they were not the greatest. Lives were lost often. Victories and heroism led to marrying into positions of value. This was not common.


  A patriarch took a risk that was no risk at all. Their memories were a tool they'd neglected too long. He built a vision from reading hundreds of books and using thier history to pull men into a series of political wars. Each human-related, each seemingly random turning and switching sides constantly. Over the course of fifty years, they ended up with money to consolidate a fund for a mercenary group.


  The following Matriarch, his daughter then brought into the family network the Ndlovu house. Something that was extremely controversial. But the Ndlovu House needed it and to keep the Chui blood. It was a bitter pill for Ndlovu House. But the injection of money and additional hands made Sedibeng a truly great country. The wealth so great they were now a unique part of Taung.  

  They were not warriors but had meticulously built up battle knowledge. They tried business but it was not something that truly worked, but instead collected works of the Chui from across The Thorne. And so that is why they design the law and order with the built knowledge. There were limitations, but working together it was possible to do anything, all it needed was one step at a time. The achievement was a journey and even the longest journey must be taken with the most simple of steps.

The business of the Qengeba spreads beyond Sedibeng with their greatest success in paper making.

The collection of the nation's wisdom is what they believed was key and so patriarchs and matriarchs always welcome new faces, building as much wisdom as possible collecting taxes, records and deligating as much as they can.

Faith in the next step, just as the first

Geopolitical, Great house
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