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I have got to get me one of these…

— David "Puma" Ironhorse, mercenary for hire
The "tri-comm", or "Triple Analysis Sensor and Communicator", is a multi-function sensor device that is worn or carried in a hand-held case. This type of device combines the abilities of an environmental sensor, data-analysis, recording, and communication into one unit.
They are common in more technologically advanced cultures such as Kryptonians, Kandorians, Qwardians, or Matumaini. Though, with the latter, inhabitants of Matumaini are careful to make sure such advanced technology reached the rest of Earth's cultures. This is because of the concern of exposing the existing of Matumaini to the rest of Earth.

... I think Hammer Empire uses something like this.

Maybe I can swipe one from them. They've got lots. The Knights Vigilant confiscate criminal tech all the time! How hard can it be?
— David "Puma" Ironhorse, mercenary for hire and Prince of Questionable Decisions
Some cultures, such as the Thanagaraian city of Kolamoran, have the records that could help them fashion a tri-comm. But, they lack the resources to assemble the delicate optical circuit chips necessary to allow the device to function.
Outside of Matumaini and Kolomaran, general Earth cultures are unaware of the tri-comm technology outside of theory, science fiction, or as a device uniquely crafted by one of Earth's more advanced inventors. But, human cultures are currently working toward developing the tri-comm technology for certain professions.

... certain professions like crime fighting. Really. The one Tesla Coil and I co-invented has been a lifesaver more than once on a case!

Donata inventor for Mouse Force

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Game Mechanics

Body: 5, R# 2

  • Radar Sense: 4 APs
  • Detect (Life): 5 APs
  • Sonar: 4 APs
  • Comprehend Languages: 5 APs
  • Flash: 6 APs
  • Radio Communication: 8 APs
  • Skills
  • Scientist: 4 APs
  • Power Bonus and Limitations
  • Radio Communications and Comprehend Languages allows user to attempt to contact and communicate with a computer network or system and understand what it is saying.
  • Comprehend Languages works for both verbal and written languages.
  • Flash is a flashlight, not blinding and is steady illumination only.
  • Scientist skill provides a boost to the character holding the tri-comm in one of two ways:

  • Option 1
    The character may roll for the Tri-Comm, allowing the device to perform the work while the character is busy with another dice action.

    Option 2
    The character may use the Tri-Comm to enhance their own work. If they choose to do this, then the APs of Scientist skill reduces the Opposing and Resisting values of the current Action to a minimum of zero.

    This lovely device is inspired by the one used in Marvel Comics by Tony Stark, Batman's mini-computer he carries in his utility belt, and of course a host of science fiction movies and shows such as Star Trek that use a single gadget to perform all manner of tech and science related analysis!

    Tri-Comm by Assembled by CB Ash
    Item type
    Sensory / Aid
    The devices are rare, if not unique, among most Earth human cultures due to Earth cultures lagging behind in technological achievement in comparison to Matumaini, Atlantea, the Thanagarian city of Kolamoran, or Kryptonian cultures.
    5.78 oz. (164g)
    Dimensions very based on maker. Typical dimensions are 6 inches (152.4 mm) tall, 3.5 inches (88.9 mm) wide, and 0.75 inches (19.05 mm) thick
    Base Price


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