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Manifesto for the burning of morals

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Virgilim by Naelin
The Honourable Prince of Red Crest, Virgilim, is not a popular mandate.
He started his reign over the Red Crest when his mother Tesel of Merthiorn gave the islands "independence" by turning them from viceroyalty to principality, though in reality they kept being a puppet state of their mother kingdom.  

Morality Laws

Though Virgilim didn't really command the country significantly, he did make several changes to laws and regulations that made the inhabitants extremely unhappy with his mandate, especially in the areas of taxation and morality.   Unlike most Merthiornites, Virgilim is a person obsessed with decency, rules and morality. He made his own role to be "in charge of keeping the decency and morals" of his people, and slowly but steadily forced Red Crest to become a prudish, distrustful nation.  

The Circlecrats

During the High Rust, Virgilim's mother died, and with her fell the kingdom of Merthiorn, leaving the prince to rule by himself having never really learned to do so alone.   Tensions raised, and the Circlecrats, an organization of rowdy, heavily political philosophers, took the opportunity to get into action, releasing the Manifesto for the Burning of Morals on the 1st of Burning, 3 E.Ru.

The Manifesto

The Manifesto was a not too long pamphlet released to the public calling, in simple terminology, to oppose the prince and unmake his rule and his mark in their culture as to liberate the people from the weight of the principality's abusive taxation and allow them to enjoy their life and intimacy freely.


The people from Red Crest are scared.
The prince had made sure to bend the laws in such a way as to punish not only those breaking it, but also their associates, families, or anyone found supporting the culprit.   The Manifesto for the Burning of Morals was a big risk for the already vulnerable Circlecrats but, in the turbulent times after the fall of Merthiorn, it caused the intended effect.
The pamphlet became (of course) illegal very soon, but also immensely popular, being copied and distributed in secret, as revolts rose through the country, concentrating in its capital Vythlan.   Virgilim does not have enough power at hand to force the people back into obedience and the successor of Merthiorn, the Kingdom of Thaur, has predictably left Red Crest to fend for themselves. The results of the people's raise are yet to be known.
Red Crest Islands by Naelin
Statement, Political (Manifesto)
Authoring Date
1st of Burning, 3 E.Ru
Signatories (Organizations)

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