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The Circlecrats

The Circlecrats are an infamous group of philosophers from the City of Vythlan in the Red Crest Islands, known by their disdain of the general population, their intense rivalry with the more uptight philosophers from Tháur, the historical disregard of Merthiorn's power over Red Crest while the latter was a Merthiorn colony and then the disregard of the Honourable Prince of Red Crest's control over his own people, and their admitted alliance with the Weaver's Network.   Their loud demeanour and sense of superiority have gained them the recognition as "a circlejerk", which they proudly reference in their group's name.  


by Naelin
The circle of Red Crest's philosophers pre-dates the origin of the Circlecrats by at least two decades. Their origin is murky at best, but some accounts remain of thinkers and nerds reuniting in the parks of Red Crest's capital and discussing matters of varied theme, relevancy and intensity, usually over a small pile of food and, only occasionally, a commesurate pile of narcotics.   It was with the strengthening of Viceroy Virgilim's holding over the "morals" of the population, and with his posterior ascension to Prince of Red Crest and the transformation of the island from a colony to a principality, that the circle of philosophers took, at the same time, a more serious and more irreverent stance, becoming louder, bigger and more noticeable, and adopting the name of Circlecrats once their fame set in as a group of self-indulging good-for-nothings.  

Connection to the Weaver's Network

  On more recent years, the Circlecrats started taking actions in matters of the people, often trying to push against the tightening social rules and tortuous bureaucracy imposed on all aspects of life by the prince. This made them quite visible, but also made them one of the few groups of people in the island still willing to assist in tasks that required sorting around these rules and laws. This made them the natural choice for the Weaver's Network to have as their main source of folkpower. However, the trust the Weavers put on them became strained once the Circlecrats started caring less and less for the secrecy of their dealings until they outright started mentioning their connection as a source of pride shortly after the High Rust passed. They remain the only organisation to have outright stated an alliance with the Weavers.

The gods gave us hands, but not shame

Founding Date
2987 E.Alz

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