The Manifesto for the Burning of Morals is published

Civil action


The Honourable Prince of Red Crest, Virgilim, received the control of the island when his mother, queen of the Kingdom of Merthiorn, gave them "independency" by ascending his son from viceroy to prince.
Virgilim made several changes to laws in the areas of taxation and morality, slowly but steadily forcing Red Crest to become a prudish, distrustful nation. When Merthiorn fell during the High Rust, the prince had to rule by himself having never really learned to do so. Tensions raised, and The Circlecrats, an organization of rowdy, heavily political philosophers, took the opportunity to get into action, releasing the Manifesto for the burning of morals   The Manifesto was a short pamphlet calling to oppose the prince and erase his rule and his mark in their culture as to liberate the people from the weight of the principality's abusive taxation and allow them to enjoy their life and intimacy freely.