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This article discusses relationships with Dominant/submissive dynamics.
  Trying out a Dominant/submissive dynamic to stir up a partnered life as a game or scene is a common practice in most of the Haan Archipelago, generally regarded as a lighthearted, fun experience for the curious.
For many others, though, the dynamic is less of a game and more of a conscious decision for the course of a relationship. For some, it is a lifestyle.   Formalities, traditions and ceremonies flourish among those that practice it in a more serious manner, and perhaps the more widespread and crucial of these is the Collaring of the Good One.  

An honour

Vryko by Naelin
The act of collaring can have different meanings depending on the couple partaking in it.
For some, it is a way to offer commitment, while for others it is a significant (and sometimes equal) as proposing marriage.
Whatever the level of importance a couple gives to the act, it is always considered to be an honour being granted by the Dominant to the submissive.   Offering a collar is sometimes used by casual Doms as a way to propose their subs to become Master and good one, turning the dynamic (or the relationship itself) into a formal one, whereas those that are already under the title of Masters may grant a collar to represent that their Good One has reached the deepest level of submission, the end of their training, or as a way to represent an eternal bond.  

A custom experience

The specifics of a collaring ceremony are left to the preferences of the couple, though it is always considered an intimate event.   Much as with marriage proposals, some Dominants discuss the offering of a collar with their submissives in advance, while others prefer to make it a surprise.   Due to its versatile meanings, good Masters are expected to explain in detail the implications of their collar offering, and which other rules, ceremonies or symbols they want to be added to the relationship alongside it.

Collar alternatives

While the use of actual collars is the tradition, couples sometimes replace them with other adornments such as necklaces, rings, tags, laces or piercings.
In cultures where the formalized dynamic is not socially accepted, using more inconspicuous adornments is common, with some places adopting coded symbols to communicate their lifestyle to others in secret.
On the other extreme, some prefer a more permanent approach, getting their Master's symbol tattooed or scarified on their bodies.

The Collar

Heroforge Servant.PNG
The Servant by Naelin
The collar itself can vary in cost, materials, level of detail and of conspicuousness, ranging anywhere from ornate stone-encrusted metallic bands to simple ribbons or chokers.
Some of the most audacious couples add the name of the Master on the outside, or even the pet name of the good one etched on the inside.   Good ones wear their collar everywhere, though in some cases they will replace their fancy original collar for a simpler one in the day-to-day.


"Thrall [ADI], correct? Come in."
— A bouncer at a private event, checking a guest list
For those deep in kink social circles, a physical collar is sometimes not enough. In written media intended to be shared with other kinksters, Masters may require their good ones to use their pet name with a "tag" alongside it, generally conformed of a shortened version of their Master's name between brackets.   This serves the function of quickly indicating the person's inclinations and relationship status, as well as communicating who their Master is.
Rank/Title | Nov 24, 2022

A title earned by those committed to caring for and commanding their partner on a very special way

Good One
Rank/Title | Jul 12, 2022

A title earned by those that commit their hearts and bodies to serving their partners on a very special way


Author's Notes

This article was inspired by TJ Trewin's 400 Worldbuilding Prompts prompt N°374: "Write about a bonding tradition or marriage ceremony in your world. Which cultures or faiths practise this and what are the components involved?"

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