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The Revolving Temple 3: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora

General Summary

Ahhh, sleep.
After morning exercise and meditation, over breakfast, our friends report the highlights of Ferrin-the-Collector's information -- not so much the "ancient immortal Emperor of the Sacred Plot Fluids" bit, but what touches on our search for Commander Maeques and company. While they were here, about a standard year ago, they went on expeditions to two locations broadly south of here: some ancient ruins pretty directly south, and the Bendu Temple over in the "Needle Forest" canyon. Ancient ruins are not our fastest chance of more info. We all agree that we will head over to the Bendu Temple today, see if the nice monks (or the guards; or the people living near the Temple, if any such are handy) can help us figure out what the Crimson Knights were doing on this trip. Or who was following them. Or something.
Vance Kerplocken goes to the junkyard/repair bay owned and operated by Nalerine Kanter, where he arranges to rent a sturdy airspeeder to get us across the wasteland and back over the next couple of days.
When we arrive, there's a style of starcraft that none of us recognize. It's the size of a Corellian cruiser, which, if you figure a Corellian Armed Merchant Cruiser has a crew of about 100ish
Oh, no, hon: ninety-five. Twenty gunners, plus carries fifty troops, normally berths 2 TIE fighters. And that's the "off-the-rack" basic style that Lord Danar would not even consider picking up for his collection.
Uh. Right.
Hang on, I got to make a note.
hovering low over the general space above the Bendu Temple complex. A great big swath of armored troops are attacking the folks who have to be the Temple guards, driving them block by block back toward the main temple.
Obviously, we can't have that going on.
Some quick details:
  • the ranking Bendu priestess is Belshanna
  • Belshanna is a granny.
  • A rancor granny.
  • A rancor granny Bendu priestess.
  • Sure! No reason not to.
  • The troops out here forming the "Away Team" for a very protracted battle: they belong to "Sargon", alleged immortal emperor of all these parts and also the boss of everybody and how dare so many upstarts claim to be the actual governments of places in space?
  • The Crimson Knights, on their visit here a year or so ago, asked about "a map" and also about the ruins to the south.
  • We all support So'Zen Al Saba in his special delight when it comes to maps. That's what friends do.
    We were not actually expecting the map itself to also support his special delight.
    By copying itself, splitting up the copy, and dumping a piece into the brain of each of us.
  • This thing is called the "Kwi map". We'll have to figure out more later, because the battle outside is getting unpleasantly close to the Temple. We have a responsibility to do something about it.
  • There is a really peeved young woman, a DarkSider, who may not be commanding the troops but she's definitely in a parallel command structure with them. She wears black armor. She does the "dramatic fury" thing. She's especially peeved at Obi-Wan Kenobi . . . uhm. I need to find out if Bossman and his "bad girl" thing may have had some irresponsible consequences.
  • Some janeass has installed cybernetic parts into a juvenile Krayt Dragon, dragged him off to this jungle area of this far-too-humid far-too-cold planet, and is prodding him with pain to make him act like a gigantic showdog on the battlefield.
  • I am going to name him "Dave" for the time being.
  • I’m gonna RESCUE that Krayt Dragon!
Darling? . . . What?
I did not stutter.
Ohhh kay. . . ?
It'll be fun!
Dave is on board with my rescue plan. The poor baby! Dave is not much into being steered, but he's happy to carry me along while he chases Miss Black Armor Tantrum around with an eye to biting her. This is much better (for my personal health) than fighting that Naboo saber cat is going to be!

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Report Date
17 Feb 2017
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