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Six Shot's the Charm: Act 1

General Summary

Doing a favor can be harder than it sounds!

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After the run in with the Freeworld’s Space Command team, then completing their cargo run, the crews of the Redwood and the Banana Republic find some well earned downtime on Tallaan.


Elsewhere, the recovery of the ancient holocron becomes the topic of conversation in quiet corners of the galaxy. One specific area is the Hightower Estates on Tavya. There, an elderly man named Eli Sandutsa peruses the dossiers assembled for him on the exploits.


He makes his travel arrangements to Tallaan. He sends an invitation ahead of him to the people that were involved with the holocron recovery. The invitation is for a meeting at the Black Rose Pub to discuss lucrative work of a personal nature.


Dizzy: What kind of pub is this? I clean up okay but are we talking oyster-fork territory?
Iwa: Not with a name like Black Rose. That is just three notches above seedy. Perfect for pirates – I mean salvagers – to meet with a potential and wealthy client.
GM: Now now, they just got a supply of their logo printed on upcycled plasma conduit sealer caps. So, their eco-friendly!



Mr. Sandutsa, my name is Howie Cabotan. Both Captain Ivolev and Captain Rusina told me that if one of ‘em were to die, that you were supposed to know about it. Rusina’s the one who did Ivolev in. I’m unnerved by the whole thing, so I’m presently removing myself from my berth aboard the Malamadre.
Oh, er, sorry for your loss.



Iwa's notes:

((See Six Shot's the Charm Act 1: Iwa for full version))  

Dizzy's notes:

We’re looking for Captain Walter Rusina, who killed Captain Juan Thaddeus Ivolev. The report on who did what to who came from Howard Sebothan, a young man that Eli Sandutsa has known for a long while.
Sandutsa had sworn an oath that if anything happened to either of his two best friends, he would see to it that “justice is done”. He wants us to hunt down Captain Rusina and provide that justice, and on video too. We’re to tell Rusina “Eli sends his condolences.”
The Belacuso Transporium is in the Aleron System and advertising in Craigslist for salvagers. The owner is Lucius Belacuso (according to the advertisements). They buy or salvage old ships, refurbish them, and sell them off.
Howie says the 2 co-Captains had been pretty angry for weeks. They were near Dixon’s Star and the crew was being upset for being on a red hyperspace route. Captain Ivolev went to talk to Captain Rusina about going home already. They really got into it in the middle of the cargo bay, got into a fist fight, and then Rusina pulled a blaster and two shots wand then Captain Ivolev was dead. Malamadre was starting to lose power every few hours. Captain Rusina was locked in the cockpit so they had to talk to him via intercom. Howie stole a shuttle that night and took off. Since then he keeps thinking he sees the same people at different places.
Howie says the 2 captains were looking for the Westlake, which is a legendary ship that most people believe does not exist.
Howie’s cousin Lucius says the shuttle Howie used to escape is still in Danju System, and it’s up for auction.
Vader (Coruscanti Telgorn Gamma Class Assault Shuttle, former police cruiser) and Morticia (Customized Svelte-class Imperial Shuttle, former ImpSec chase car for Captain Simon Illyan) have joined our crew!

Rewards Granted

From here, the heroes are to find out how to get to, or become a part of, the auction … run by Rogga the Hutt!

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
28 May 2016


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