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Six Shot's the Charm: Act 4

General Summary

The Sithhound Trail


When last we left, our heroes juggled two problems at once, only to find a new one!


Dizzy and Iwa on boarding the Malamadre, find its crew in bad shape. Some are willing to talk, most are willing to shoot first and ask questions later. The fight is intense, but brief. When done, they get the sense something was off about the situation.


Giving the slip to the unusual amount of company flying in system, Greelo and Rushlight make it to the Malamadre in time to help Dizzy and Iwa check the ship out. During their search, they find that the captain of the Malamadre may be addled, but had a map that might indicate the location of the mysterious Westlake. But, this is suspicious since he may have been getting this information from a Sith Holocron and a parasite that was attached to his brain.


On leaving, more of the parasites appeared using mynocks as their hosts. Running for their lives, they return to the shuttles. Escaping the Malamadre they leave the infected mynocks and the derelict ship for the Spartan Imperium. In return, the Spartans respond by destroying the ship without even boarding it. Then, they began searching for Dizzy, Rushlight, Iwa and Greelo.


But our heroes manage to return to the Banana Republic and hide in a natural magnetic-ionization disturbance between the gas giant and one of its closer moons.


As the Spartans leave, our heroes decide that whatever prize the Westlake has is not worth anyone finding. That ship must be destroyed. But first, Rushlight has to survive surgery … as he was infected by a parasite from the Malamadre during their escape.


Just as Rushlight moves the shuttle into the Sithhound Trail, an encrypted log is sent out of system to a set of coordinates that should not be possible to reach. To a red dwarf system labeled "SHPN-12".


The log originated from the Westlake. The encryption code is using Galactic Imperial Security protocols.

Rushlight: "You sell YOURSELF!"
Greelo: "No. I RENT myself. There’s a difference!"
Undead Granny Pirates is not the name of my alt zydeco cover band.
My light repeating blaster made the "Pac-Man Level Fail" noise so it is holstered until I can take it apart and fix it.

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
01 Oct 2016


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