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Six Shot's the Charm: Act 3

General Summary

Who Tracks the Tracker?

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When last we left, our heroes had followed the trail to Dixon’s Star, a known hive of scum and villainy. On arriving, they break out the shuttles and begin to search. They find a hotbed of activity given that travel to this system is deadly at best.


First, there was the mysterious man by the name of Shan Holt. Always at their heels, Holt is after the Malamadre, and its commander, Walter Rusina. The same Rusina that our heroes are hunting for.


Second, would be the mysterious "repo agent" working for the criminal mastermind, Adelai Niska. He seems reasonable enough, and quite taken with Rushlight's 'field experience' with 'medical tools'.


Third, would be the brief encounter with a military starship from someplace called the Spartan Imperium. Stern, direct, they were a jump away. What were they doing so far into pirate space?


Last would be the Malamadre herself. Bleeding power, life support low, she’s a flying death trap. By the communications, there are crew aboard, and one Walter Rusina. Now, with everything gunning for Rusina and the Malamadre, it may be time to make some hard decisions with regards to completing this job for Eli Sandutsa ....


Using a collapsing atmosphere around the moon of a gas giant, they evade the Spartan Imperium light cruiser … because the Spartan Imperium seemed to know too much about this problem.


Yet, Rushlight has been infected with an unknown alien parasite, the same kind that has infected almost all the survivors of the Malamadre.


The heroes are figuring out if they need to find the legendary ship, the Westlake to wreck it, or leave it alone entirely. They have Walter Rusina’s star charts and information, so they COULD possibly track it down…

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Report Date
06 Aug 2016


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