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Six Shot's the Charm: Act 2

General Summary

Deal with the Devil

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After being hired by an older gentleman to look into, and bring justice upon, one old friend who murdered another, a message leads the crew to Aleron System. There, they track down Howie Cabotan, a young man who witnessed the murder. But! Someone else is after Howie! A mysterious figure stalking the young man, possibly seeking the same information as the heroes!


Paranoid, Howie runs at first sight of our heroes, but they manage to corral him without too much trouble. Once cornered, and calmed down, Howie explains about the mysterious man, and about an ill-fated search for a mystery ghost ship called the Westlake aboard the ship the Malamadre.


Looking to backtrack Howie’s shuttle flight to the ship the murders took place, the heroes realize they need to get the navicomputer data from the shuttle. A shuttle that Howie already sold to earn money to make his way home to Aleron. Now, with the shuttle and its contents being auctioned off by Rogga the Hutt, the heroes must find a way to get the navicomputer – and its data – before they are lost forever!

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25 Jun 2016
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