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Hagus' Revolt

"It becomes difficult to conceive the differences between the dragon occupying the root of the world and the so-proclaimed Ras Gafhi on his throne in Harhoun. For the minions of both are content to rob us and wholly indifferent if we and ours starve."
Chief Hagus Howudra
A Gafhi revolt in the northern Baratre valley precipitated by the winter famine of 503 and longterm dissatisfaction with Yaner's rule and with the Gafhi Serafi, Hagus' revolt (named for the most prominent chief instigating it) was fought as a low-intensity guerrilla campaign in the northern Baratre for the latter half of the 503rd Year of the Prophet. The conflict was frozen and a partial accord was reached when a sudden offensive by the dragonthralls of Inkrimane forced both Hagus and Yaner to the negotiating table.

The Conflict


"In hard times you will know your brother. Ras Gafhi Yaner is not my brother."
— Chief Hagus Howudra

Since Agbith was reduced to a rump state under the rule of the Ras Gafhi, the province of Agbithan Gafhi has been ruled with the goal of ultimately reclaiming Agbith, and directing all available resources to that goal. The relationship between the Gafhi tribes of the northwest and Agbith had long been one of tributary and overlord, but the demands of war brought this into sharper relief. The Howudra tribe of the northeastern part of the valley was not considered an essential territory, and largely left to defend itself against dragonthrall attacks. Nevertheless, Yaner sought to tax them to feed his army.


Early 503 was lean for everyone, as a poor harvest dug into the stores of Gafhi and Thaner alike. Yaner, as the Ras of the province and supreme commander of the Gafhi Serafi made the choice that at least his army would eat. The demands put on the countryside were not lowered, and famine began to spread through Howudra lands. As Stew Hogg sightings increased, so did the anger of the Gafhi.


In May of 503, the Howudra had made their decision. Chief Hagus sent a missive to Ras Gafhi Yaner, declaring that no longer would the Howudra pay any tax to the Agbithans, and that if the Gafhi Serafi were seen in lands of the Howudra, they would be killed. Yaner did not take this kindly, and appointed a Degiac to take a battalion of the Gafhi Serafi into Howudra, capture Hagus, and restore order.

The Engagement

"This army is what keeps us free of the dragon. If the Howudra must face it to understand that, so be it."
— Ras Gafhi Yaner

Fought in the summer of 503 in the tribal lands of the Howudra, the Gafhi Serafi struggled to force Hagus' forces into a decisive engagement. Harried by tribal warriors on their home turf, the Gafhi Serafi proved their skill at arms when the Howudra gave battle, but the Howudra almost never gave battle. Melting into the hills and the woods when the Gafhi Serafi approached, Yaner was preparing for a long and arduous campaign to bring the Howudra to heel when Inkrimane forced his hand.


In the November of 503, a dragonthrall warband known as the "Pillar of Horns" streamed into Agbithan Gafhi, another in a long line of attempts by the minions of Inkrimane to subdue the Agbithan Crusade. As the dragonthralls assaulted both the central valley held by Yaner and the northeastern territory of the Howudra, Yaner and Hagus froze their hostilities to focus on the greater enemy. Drawn to the negotiating table by necessity, the two leaders hammered out an agreement where Hagus' forces would coordinate with and assist the Gafhi Serafi in exchange for a ten-year tax-exemption for the Howudra. Though Yaner was unhapppy to compromise with the Gafhi at all, and the Gafhi were unconvinced that the previous levels of extraction would not return in ten years or even sooner, the conflict has not restarted. Hagus remains in post, though relations between the two leaders are strained nine years later.
Start Date
May 503
Ending Date
November 503
Conflict Result


Agbithan Gafhi

Led by

Howudra Tribe

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