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The Howudra are a powerful Gafhi tribe in the northeastern Baratre valley. Led by Hagus, they form a loose confederation with many sub-chiefs, largely pushed into unifying by their shared grievances with the Harhoun government. Made up of villages and nomadic clan communities within the valley, the Howudra have no set capital. Hagus' clan migrates year round, wintering in the valley and going northwest up the Gafahraz Mountains in the summer.


Small-scale farmers, herders, and loggers, the Howudra are dependent on Harhoun for any goods they cannot produce themselves. However, relations between the Thaner of Harhoun and the Howudra Gafhi have been strained. Hagus' Revolt ended inconclusively, and while the Gafhi Serafi cooperates with the Howudra to some degree on repelling dragonthralls, both sides expect hostilities to restart at some point.


The most significant way the Howudra cooperate is defense. The Gafhi in the area have agreed to accept Hagus' command over their warriors to repel dragonthralls (and sometimes the Gafhi Serafi).


Howudra consists of various villages and nomadic groups, all with chiefs. Hagus himself functions as a sort of chief of chiefs, but his rule is based primarily on charisma than any kind of formalized authority. The Howudra convene once or twice a year to discuss matters, but not all chiefs always show up. particularly the chiefs east of the river have been only loosely attached.


Not being a state, membership in the Howudra comes with few obligations. The Howudra do not levy taxes, but member villagers are expected to contribute to common causes as their resources allow. Failure would result in effective exclusion from the alliance, as the shirking clan would not be heard at moots or receive help from the Howudra themselves.


The Howudra are largely insular Gafhi, concered with Gafhi affairs above all else. Faithful followers of the God of Roots, fiercely loyal, and distrustful of outsiders. Many believe that Yaner's government is a greater threat to the Gafhi than the dragon herself. The Gafhi Serafi frequently accuse the Howudra of dragon worship and while the Howudra at large do not adhere to the dragon queen, there may be a few who do.


The Howudra as an alliance of Gafhi clans dates back about 15 years, as the various chiefs rallied behind the charismatic Hagus. Before this, the Howudra were a major itinerant tribe in the valley, but did not encompass territory that they do now. Pressure from both Harhoun and Inkrimane caused the various smaller communities in the valley to seek protection under the umbrella of the larger Howudra tribe.

All among us are brother and sister.

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