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Miru De Notani

Academic, explorer and advisor to the rich and powerful from the courts of New Lafaelle, to the crystal spires of The Gleaming City, Miru De Notani was born to privilege, and none too shy in taking advantage of it wherever she travels.  

Raised in the courts of New Lafaelle

The Notani's are an important family within the courts of New Lafaelle. Miru's great-grandparents were born in Refuge, and led the founding of New Lafaelle during the early years of the Brightweld Wars.   Her own parents paid for her 'Choosing' when she came of age, ensuring that she was accepted into The Academy, and hoping she would follow the family tradition into politics as a decorated minor protectorate - perhaps even taking leadership of a city ward like her father.   During her youth Miru became well known in academic circles, and even beyond, for her exuberance and fondness of firewine. She hosted many parties at her parents' estates and became popular across the younger generations growing up in the courts and on the streets of New Lafaelle.  

A budding explorer

Miru had different plans for herself than what her parents wanted. Rather than following a life into the bureaucracy of the Protectorates, and despite having very little talent for the magic arts, she instead threw herself into studying the arcane. She became enamoured with the stories of The Destruction and the heroics of The Cabal - and especially with the Mother of Time herself, Reina Del Krona Del Krona. She dedicated herself to academia - studying the history of the time, and the relics of the Age of Ascendency that had survived in the libraries of the Protectorates.   Her dream was to find and recover artefacts from Reina's time, and to discover the secrets behind her final battle against the Goldings that had saved their people. She uncovered rumours of the city where Reina had resided before the Destruction, and theorised its location the be somewhere Sunside.   When strange rumours reached the Protectorates of the discovery of the ruins beneath the plains of the Shatterbright, Miru was spurred into action. Much to her parents dismay, but the delight of her growing legions of fans, Miru openly declared her goal of discovering the location of the Krona Astrarium, and immediately set forth plans for an exhbidition deep into the sunside lands.  

Into the ruins of the Kyroshi Pit

Her long travels took her sunside of the Brightwelds, and down the full length of the Godswollen River. The trek took her nearly two years, but she finally arrived to the gates of The Gleaming City, where she immediately set about seeking an audience with Lord Kyroshi himself. She used her family connections to to set the promise of access to the markets of the Protectorates for Kyroshi's interests.   She was convinced to sign the Contract between Miru De Notani and Lord Kyroshi - an act that gave her access to the Ruins, but also opened up her entire family to exploitation by Kyroshi. The fine print of the contract has not yet been brought to her attention, but Kyroshi is a patient Lord.
Current Status
Leading explorations deep into the ruins below the Kyroshi Pit
Current Location
Current Residence
They/them, She/her
Light blue, but usually hidden behind goggles
Mop of messy black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale skin, with the beginnings of firetouched glitter
Reina Del Krona
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations
Nick Nack Augurbot
Character | Mar 3, 2024

Nick Nack is a scrapper who became friend and ally with Miru De Notani during her explorations of the deserts of Ardi Kokufa. He is a devout follower of Edifism, and interprets his long degenerating memories as an auger for a mystical future.

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