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Kyroshi Pit

The Kyroshi Pit was just one of the hundreds of open cut mines run by the Lords of Fire across the Shatterbright, but has become famous due to the ancient city unearthed at its deepest point.   The ruins are of an unknown city from before The Destruction, but have been near perfectly preserved by the layers of ash and molten rock that poured into it during the Destruction, and which were since covered by the hard crust of glass and obsidian of the Shatterbright.   The location has now become a centre of archaeological studies about nature of the Destruction. It remains under the control of the Lord Kyroshi, but he has opened up access to hopeful explorers from across Shadowfire, who organise exbiditions to excavate and explore the depths.


Lord Kyroshi maintains a number of Deks of The Flaming Brand to guard aagainst any dangers from the surrounding lands, and to police the many outsiders who are allowed to enter for exploration or study.


The current state of the settlement and ruin at the Kyroshi Pit includes the Camp on the surface, the Open Pit of the Mine, which is still in active operation, and the ruins beneath the surface.  


The camp is quite a lively place, and despite the name, is not made of tents. The dwellings are underground to protect from the sun, and carved into the obsidian rocks of the Shatterbright. Dwellings are typically a happhazzard arrangement of a small number of chambers, with skylights up to the surface. The walls are rough hewn, but often decorated in shards of glass and polished obsidian.   The largest of the dwellings is the makeshift Library and study hall, called affectionately by its regulars as the Hoard and Twaddle which doubles as an informal tavern. Visiting archeaoligists and treasure hunters will wile away their leasirue time here discussing theories, sharing discoveries and organizing teams fot new exbiditions.  


The mine above the ruins is still active, and the Lord Kyroshi continues to export crytaline Uhd from the surface layers. The process is done with more tha the usual care however, in order to preserve the ruins that lie just underneath.  


Only a small part of the ruins have been uncovered and explored so far, and this includes what experts believe to be a residential area, and an area of larger constructs believed to have been a minor civic centre of some sort.   The entire site is remarkably well preserved, considering the planet altering forces that it had to survive, and the many thousands of years since. Those studying it suspect that it was buried so quickly in ash and lava flows that the structures within were kept relatively intact.   The most obvious sign of the forces it withstood, is the fact that the entire site sits within the ground at an odd 30 degree angle, and sits on a particlarly stable rock shelf that must have been pushed up during the seismic upheavals that followed the original Destruction.   Excavations so far have uncovered the tops of the city that sits directly below the mine site, and explorers have cleared away a number of city blocks. Other exploratory shafts and tunnels have been dug, to determine the extent of the city. Many of these follow the old streets, and some of the larger intact buildings have been discovered with their interiors still hollowed and many artafacts of pre-Destruction time have been found.

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Author's Notes

Will revisit with some more history and notes on what has been discovered within the ruins.

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Aug 26, 2022 11:36

Mining so deep that an entire city has been found. And on top of that the mining operation continues :O While interesting on its own, if an artifact or two abotu the pre destruction age would be mentioned, it could certainly prompt readers to dive deeper to your world.