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Kyroshi's Mansion

Kyroshi's mansion is the largest known Scuraspheres to have survived into the modern era, and is owned by the Fire Lord Kyroshi who makes no secret of flaunting his ownership. He recovered the sphere from the ruins beneath the Kyroshi Pit and has lovingly restored it to much of its former glory.   The interior contains a huge rambling mansion in the style of architecture from the Age of Ascendancy with the sprawling building surrounding a large open garden complete with a stream and a central lake nearly 100 metres across. The sphere has a pleasant temparate climate (a wonder to those raised in the sunside lands around The Gleaming City), a breathable atmosphere, mancured gardens, and what is probably its most curious fature for those living in the age of Shadowfire: a day-night cycle.   Kyroshi has restored the interior of the Mansion, its baths, bedrooms, dining halls, ballrooms and gardens, and it travels with him wherever he goes. He is known to host extravagent parties within the mansion, invites for which are highly coveted.
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