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Krona Astrarium

Legend says that Reina Del Krona built an observatory and clock that would let her explore to the far end of the universe, and to the very beginnings of time   The Mother of Time was renowned for her mastery of Ghosting to the point where it was rumoured she could speed up, halt, and potentially even reverse, the flow of time in localised areas.   At the height of her powers, Reina constructed a multi-story observatory and clock, that towered above her own private mansion. The building was known as the Krona Astrarium, and is said to have been a marvel of egineering and magical sophistication never seen before, nor since. It combined both Blood and Stone Magics in such wondrous ways as to enable Krona to to see and travel vast distances in both space and time.   Recently, ancient blueprints of the Astrarium were unearthed in the ruins below the Kyroshi Pit by the flamboyant explorer and academic from New Lafaelle, Miru De Notani.   The Blueprints are incomplete, but their discovery has seen hundreds of treasure hunters, academics and seekers of power from across the globe flock to the Pit in the hope of discovering more, or even the location of the Astrarium itelf.

Purpose / Function

The Krona Astrium was part observatory, part clock, and part ghost port. Its full abilities are not know, but it was rumoured to allow for the scrying of distant places, both in space and time, and also the teleportation of living things over those distances.


Surviving tales from before the Destruction tall of wide mansion, atop which was a turrent with the dome of the apparatus made of curved metals and interlaced with threads of crystal. The dome had a number of levels within, each of which would rotate in 3 different directions. When activated, the entire structure of the dome would spin and tumble in ways beyond the reckoning of normal kin.
During the Destruction
Observatory / Telescope
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners


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