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One of the more mysterious of ancient magical techniques, that many have tried to reproduce, but at best have only managed to replicate part of the process. Records from the Library at The Academy talk of mages able to transform their entire physical body into pure energy that would retain their identity and consciousness and that could be sent vast distances to be returned to physical form once more.   The technique is referred to in the ancient texts as 'Ghosting', and it could be applied to non-sentient forms as well. it is the secret behind teleportation that powered the global infrastructure of the great Empires of the Age of Ascendency.   Vast numbers of people and goods could be transported instantly anywhere across the globe - for a great price in magical stores of course, but in the pre-Destruction era, the limits were far less than they are now.  

Ancient masters

Reina Del Krona, hero of The Cabal, was the known master of the arts of Ghosting during the age. She was able to Ghost matter with such rapid and initessimal control, it is said she could reveal the strands of potential in any moment and alter the very nature of time itself.   This is the myth that underlies the belief that it is Reina who stopped the turning of the world, and prevented the full extent of The Destruction, and is whyb she is referred to as the Mother of Time.   Other mages from the Age of Acendency may have lacked Reina's finesse, but travel using the techniques of Ghosting was common. Global guilds were formed to provide safe passage in an instant to any who could afford it, and a network of Ghost Ports established.  

Ghosting during the Godling Wars

During the height of The Godling Wars, however, the art of Ghosting was abused by many.   In one particularly notable even during the wars was the called the Great Dissipation. The Ghost Port network was hijacked, and without warning, everyone travelling the network were dissipated - their energy matrix disbanded - before they could be successfully reformed. It took quite some time for those running the Ghost Ports to realise what was happening, and in that time literally thousands died.   Other techniques for weaponising ghosting involved the quick teleportation of soldiers deep into enemy territory, or at a smaller scale, the teleporting of poisons directly into a victim's bloodstream from a disance. The idea of battle fronts were quickly abandoned as useless and the escalating use of ghosting was devastating. It undermined all sense of control that any side in the Godling Wars thought they may have had. Tactics and strategies crumbed into pure chaos, until only the strongest individuals could triumph in any given confrontation.  

Ghosting in the modern world

None now openly practice the art of Ghosting, and even its study is prohibited by the Academics in the Protectorates. Any rogue magic user discovered using it will face the full retrbution of the Academy, The Trinity and The Shield.   This does not deter some from trying though. It is rumoured by some to be the secret behind the powers of The Knives of Kustos, the secret force controlled by Gorias De Soto in service to his Lord. But the fortress at Omberstad is so far from the Protectorate mainland that proof is hard to find, and Gorias denies any foul use of forbidden magics.


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Forbidden magics are always so fun to think about. It's so fascinating to read about the ways this magic has been abused and what caused it to earn its forbidden status!

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