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Year of Khemra Ascendant

Scarterra has a nine-year Zodiac cycle based on the Nine, with the year of Maylar, Year of Mera, Year of Korus, Year of Nami, Year of Greymoria, Year of Khemra, , Year of Zarthus, Year of Hallisan, Year of Phidas before returning back to Maylar in an endless cycle.   During the zodiac year, children born are said to be prone have the spiritual and/or psychological of the ruling deity of that year. Also, favored souls and oracles of that deity are more likely to be born in that year.   Khemra takes her Zodiac year more seriously than most of the rest of the Nine. Every nine cycles of her zodiac year (every 81 years), she has what has been labeled by the Keepers as the "Year of Khemra Ascendant" where the number of favored souls and oracles born under Khemra's sign explodes from three or four to one or two dozen. Also, such blessed children are born under a wider variety of demographics and not just Khemra's core worshiping demographic.


The births of spirtually marked infants is not very obvious becaue their supernatural traits do not manifest until adolescence at least, but favored souls of Khemra are called Eclipse-Touched for a reason as many are born during or near a solar or lunar eclipse.   Both sorts of eclipses are much more common on the Year of Khemra Ascendant.
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