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Vermahal was a Godstone designed and enchanted by Branchala and forged by Reorx. It had the power to restore life to any creature whose soul was free and willing to return, and was capable of reversing aging and restoring missing body parts. While it only worked by touch, its magic was persistent, allowing a wielder to touch many creatures and cure them permanently of any existing illnesses or injuries. It also gave the wielder incredible regenerative properties, allowing them to shrug off and quickly recover from injuries that would easily kill others. Vermahal was the fourth godstone to be forged and enchanted.   Vermahal was destroyed by Roland Swiftblast during the fight against Rezdurak, massively boosting the strength of his Bloodmoon for a short time. This choice allowed The Red Scars to return Rezdurak to his demiplane, effectively trapping him from exiting from his own side.


Vermahal, being a godstone, was considered a massively significant object in an economical and cultural sense. It was also very significant to many clerics, being considered a holy artifact of healing and protection.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Subtype / Model
Vermahal was one of a kind before its destruction.

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