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The Godstones were a set of five incredibly powerful artifacts created by the gods as a way to elect new gods to their ranks. While they are useful for providing a short burst of incredible power, their true strength came from using all five together. If all five were collected and the collector was strong enough to channel their power, they would become a Tier 5 God. While each godstone was enchanted by a specific god, Reorx remains the sole forger of them, and the only one with knowledge of their creation process.   Two of the godstones were destroyed, causing the full power to be impossible to channel. One more godstone is in the possession of Takhisis, and the remaining two have yet to be found.   The godstones each had a unique power to them outside of the burst of strength, and a unique name to them. The godstones were named as follows:  
  • Krel'zdahad: Also known as The Consumer, Krel'zdahad can be activated to begin drawing all objects nearby it into it, sending them to an unknown demiplane.
  • Vermahal: Vermahal was, before its destruction, able to restore life to any creature no matter how long ago the death was or the cause of the death. It could completely restore bodies from a single fragment, and would reverse the creature's age by half upon use, if said creature had died of old age.
  • Luiem: Luiem is capable of creating large amounts of matter from nothing, with the amount of matter being based around the value of said matter, and the maximum value able to be created being based on the strength of the user.
  • Xrzkezkuzk: This godstone gives the wielder the ability to see anywhere and anyone at any time, while simultaneously preventing even creatures with the strength of a god from being aware of this scrying. It is believed that this is the godstone currently owned by Takhisis.
  • Punch: Punch was the last godstone designed, and another one of the destroyed godstones. Punch, when activated, would give the wielder extreme physical strength.
  Each of the godstones were named and given their powers directly by one of the gods chosen at random, as this was thought to represent the gods as a whole.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process is only known to Reorx, kept secret even from the other gods.


While all the godstones are heavily sought after culturally and economically, their religious importance ranges from near non-existent to being a direct gift from the divine that created it.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Only five existed, now down to three across all of the planes.

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