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Punch was a Godstone designed by Thur shortly after the first four godstones were given their powers. It was a power enhancement artifact, and could be used to give the wielder incredible physical strength. It was destroyed by Ben Luka in the fight against Takhisis, in order to hold her down long enough for the Heroes of Reshnia and the various armies working with them to be able to drive her back.

Manufacturing process

While it's unknown as to how the godstone itself was forged, the enchantment process is documented in chapter 5 of The Book Of Thur:

Reorx: "Well, Thur, it looks like you've been chosen to be the one to enchant the last godstone. May the greater gods have mercy on us all."   Thur: "Oh, well, alright, uhm, I'll name it, uhh, Punch."   Reorx: "..."   Thur: "And it'll give you the power to, uhh..."   Reorx: "Please don't."   Thur: "Punch things. Really hard."   Reorx: "...Paladine, get in here please."


Punch was one of the godstones, and held a strong religious significance, being the symbol of the Holy Order Of Thur and Thur's most important vestige.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Subtype / Model
Punch was one of a kind before its destruction.

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