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Krel'zdahad is a Godstone designed by Rezdurak and crafted by Reorx. It is the second godstone created, and is the only one that is inherently destructive.   When Krel'zdahad is activated, it lifts into the air and begins pulling all objects nearby it directly towards it. On contact with the surface of the godstone, the item vanishes completely, being transported to an unknown plane of Rezdurak's choosing. Creatures are similarly effected, with only creatures of significant physical strength being able to resist the pull of the stone. This area of effect increases over time, with a starting radius of only 10 feet and increasing by 10 feet every hour until it hits the maximum radius of 10,000 feet. The pull is stronger the closer to the center any given object or creature is, and the current radius of the effect also increases the pull's strength.   After Krel'zdahad has been active at maximum radius for one year, it deactivates, warping to a new location within 10 miles of the original location and becoming inert.


While Krel'zdahad has no religious significance, as a godstone it holds major cultural and economical significance. It also holds a certain significance in military communities, due to its unique properties and use in both offensive strategy and intimidation attempts.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Subtype / Model
Krel'zdahad is one of a kind.

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