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Xrzkezkuzk is a Godstone enchanted by Arbon the Mad and crafted by Reorx. It was the third godstone to be given power. Its abilities reflect the paranoia of its creator, allowing it to scry with incredible ease and subtlety. Xrzkezkuzk can be used to scry on multiple creatures at the same time, though the limit is determined by the strength of the wielder and the targets being scryed on, and gives the targets no inclinations as to the fact that they're being watched. This ability works even on some lesser gods.   It is suspected that Takhisis is the current holder of this godstone, though this is primarily speculation due to it being the most useful one for her in her current state.


Xrzkezkuzk is an incredibly sought after artifact due to its potential for reconnaissance and, for those who are paranoid, a way to check on those who work for or with them.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Subtype / Model
Xrzkezkuzk is one of a kind.

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