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Luiem is the first Godstone to be forged by Reorx and enchanted by Grezdin. Its current whereabouts are completely unknown.   Luiem can be activated to generate large amounts of whatever matter the wielder wishes. The artifact can create simple and complex objects, food and drinks, and even bodies of any creature, complete with functioning organs. The materials and inner workings of the objects must be known to the caster in order for the object to function properly, otherwise the object is simply filled with whatever material the rest of the object is made of. Any creature created using Luiem is already dead upon creation, and all attempts to revive the creature are universally met with failure.


Being a godstone, Luiem has a large significance culturally, though it has very little significance religiously. Of note, Luiem is the most economically sought after godstone, due to its ability to create any form of matter.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Subtype / Model
Luiem is one of a kind.

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