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Arbon the Mad is a God that resides in Pandemonium. He has domain over paranoia, madness, fear, death, and chaos. It is said that his screams of fear are what drives the winds in Pandemonium, though no one has ever discovered the god himself to confirm these details. Arbon is also the god who enchanted Xrzkezkuzk, originally using it to scry on his followers to ensure they were not plotting against him.

Divine Domains

Paranoia, Death, Fear, Chaos, Madness, Pandemonium.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Though it is unknown what caused his madness, it is known that Arbon was not always mad. He once ruled Pandemonium (at that point called Thought) and kept it as a peaceful place. This changed on an unknown date without any form of warning, with many scholars searching for any clues that may lead to discovering the cause of this change.

Divine Classification
Known Languages
Arbon is said to not be able to speak, though its likely he can understand any language, including Ancient Arcana and Godspeak.

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