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Rezdurak, The Maimed God (a.k.a. Vergidal (to the plants),The All Consumer, The Endless Maw)

Rezdurak, or better known as the Maimed God, is the evil god of destruction, gluttony, and death. Colter Brisbane attempted to release him into the Material Plane for unknown reasons, but the Heroes of Reshnia managed to contain him and send him back into the portal. Despite Rezdurak's failure to escape completely from the portal, it seems that, should Colter's effigies be telling the truth, he has managed to slip a small part of him into the Material Plane. Though currently contained, it has been attempting to communicate with pulses to an unknown listener somewhere else in the Material Plane, and should be taken care of as quickly as possible.
Known Languages
Like most gods, it is likely Rezdurak can speak all languages, including Ancient Arcana and Godspeak.

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