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Colter Brisbane

Colter Brisbane (a.k.a. The Betrayer, Conquest)

Colter Brisbane was the previous leader of The Red Scars, a previous Harbringer of Hydra, and likely a cleric or worshipper of the Maimed God. He presumably died after being pulled into the Maimed God's portal, though not before throwing his personal Godstone out to aid the Red Scars as a final act of revenge.   Though his original body was killed, before this, Colter was able to seemingly create an army of effigies, though the effigies claim that their numbers have dropped drastically and that they are unable to create new ones. If the effigies are to be believed, there are only about a dozen of them remaining and they are working in an attempt to stop Rezdurak from reentering the world.   Colter was the only known wielder of the God Eater, a brutal greatsword that was forged to kill Gods. The weapon was presumably destroyed with his original body upon being pulled into Rezdurak's realm.

Personality Characteristics


While the reason behind it was unknown, he seeked power constantly, aiding those he believed could give him power and betraying them when their usefulness had run out.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While working with the Red Scars, Colter was a thourough planner and strategist, constantly looking for every possible method of completing a job.
Year of Death
9803 AR
Known Languages
Colter was able to speak Common, though it's possible he knew other languages.

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