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Humans are the bare-bone sentient species of Ruten, and are the most common of the races. It is rare to find a community that does not have humans living alongside others, whether that be as rulers, slaves, or companions. Due to their lifespans being relatively short compared to many of the other civilized races, humans are a very driven race, working together to build cities and amazing creations. Humans are known to have the best and worst of all the races, with the best of their races being considered saints and the worst revolting even the brutish orcs.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Humans are a unique species in that despite being ill-fitted for many climates, they choose to live in even the most extreme locations, from the Plain of Fire to the tips of mountains and everywhere in between.

Genetic Descendants
70-120 years
Average Height
5-6 feet

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