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The Red Scars

The Red Scars is the main organization of the campaign, and is both the driving force behind the players and driven by the players. Many of the major characters in the campaign are members of the Red Scars, either originally or after meeting the Heroes of Reshnia. Their main base is located in the Duskham Fort, which serves as the home for the Red Scars and the party when they are not out adventuring, and as a hub for most of the Red Scars jobs and services.


The Red Scars is headed by a leader or leaders who have an equal say in running the organization. These leaders generally choose to consult many of the longer standing members of the organization on major decisions. After this, there is little in terms of organization, with jobs being either posted for any worker to attempt, or given directly to workers by a leader.There are also standard work staff, such as cooks and servants, who live on site and work at the discretion of the leader.

Public Agenda

To protect the general public from dangers that threaten the greater well being of the world.


Previously created and run by Colter Brisbane before his betrayal, it has changed locations once, from Northsbury to Duskham.
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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