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Zupuis was a Red Dragon who worked alongside The Red Scars as an enchanter and Wizard. He was killed at the hands of Colter Brisbane while trying to prevent him from stealing one of the Godstones that had previously been acquired by the Red Scars. His Dragontongue name was unknown.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Zupuis originally portrayed himself as an old man with a long white pointed beard in less than ideal health. Even after revealing he was a red dragon, he still chose to use this guise on many occasions, despite the fact that he was clearly much stronger than he revealed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Very little is known about Zupuis' history. When he joined the Red Scars initially, he was unable to speak outside of a strange language later identified as Dragontongue. Even after he was able to speak Common, he was incredibly reluctant to speak of his personal past.


Zupuis was employed by the Red Scars to empower Taenya Forge's weapons and armor with magic. He was also occasionally sent on high profile jobs by Colter to ensure that they were done successfully and the money was received.

Personality Characteristics


Zupuis' motives were unknown, as a dragon of his age would likely have little use for such comparatively small amounts of gold. It is possible that he was attempting to claim one of the godstones as his own, or it could have simply been that he wished for an easier life.


Hobbies & Pets

Zupuis was the owner of Bayorth, who served both as a pet and a familiar for him. Bayorth and Zupuis seemed to have a strong bond, with the latter leaving the Red Scars after the death of his owner.

Wealth & Financial state

While Zupuis had a large amount of Gold and Platinum stored in Duskham Fort, he likely had a much larger hoard somewhere else. His total wealth is currently unknown.

Current Residence
Zupuis was buried behind Duskham Fort.
Aligned Organization
The Red Scars
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Zupuis knew Common, Dragontongue, and, as he was a dragon, likely Draconic.

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