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Stephen Amaria

Sir Stephen Lorendan Amaria is a Human from Zhiport who was previously a high ranking general in Hydra and worked as the leader of The Red Scars up until he gave the position to Roland Swiftblast and Scarlet. He is the husband of Lunaria and the father of Lynette Amaria. Prior to his patron's death, he was a Warlock of Raistlin and had significant magical abilities.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Stephen Amaria is generally fit, being strong enough to defend himself physically against threats quite well, despite his learned fighting style being one of magic.

Body Features

Stephen Amaria has a reddish brown skin tone, similar to that of raw umber. He has short, curly black hair, and a mostly unscathed body, with the exception of his eye.

Facial Features

Stephen Amaria is missing his left eye due to a self inflicted injury. His remaining eye is an emerald green, creating a stark contrast to the golden hourglass eye he previously removed. He usually keeps his face cleanly shaven when around those other than his family, but allows a short, clean cut beard to grow when he is not working.

Wealth & Financial state

Stephen Amaria was quite rich when he left Zhiport, though his funds have slowly been spent over the years since.

Year of Birth
9768 (36 years old)
Current Residence
Duskham Fort.
Stephen Amaria is six feet and three inches tall.
Aligned Organization
The Red Scars
Known Languages
Stephen Amaria is fluent in Common, Elven, Sylvan, and Infernal.

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