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Princess of the Plains

Princess Lozen Banunu Arahunaa

In the vast plains of Eoperax, where the wind whispers ancient secrets and the rivers flow with the wisdom of The Everflow, there resides a legend, a warrior named Lozen. Her eyes, deep and intense, hold the fire of battles fought and the calm of a storm's eye. Her ebony hair, thick and cascading, is often braided, a symbol of her unbreakable spirit.   Lozen's journey is a dance between power and grace, a path marked by faith, ambition, and desire. Once a devoted follower of The Everflow, she sought strength from an infernal source, a decision that led her into spiritual conflict and isolation. Her pact with Zariel, a departure from her tribe's sacred principles, became a mirror reflecting her inner turmoil.   Imprisoned and cut off from her people, Lozen's isolation became a crucible for transformation. In the silence of her confinement, she confronted the choices that led her astray, her longing for redemption growing into a spiritual quest. The tragic loss of her homeland weighed heavily on her conscience, and she began to see her infernal pact as a betrayal of her true self.   Her redemption became a journey back to her spiritual roots, a reconnection with The Everflow's principles of wisdom, life, and light. Lozen's strength, once a manifestation of physical prowess, evolved into a reflection of self-discovery and overcoming challenges.   With hands of iron and a heart of fire, Lozen stands unbroken, a warrior, a mother, a storm. Her name echoes in the annals of Rolara, a symbol of defiance and strength, her story a testament to the eternal dance between power and grace. Her fate remains a captivating mystery, a challenge for those brave enough to explore the depths of her soul, guided by the subtle influence of The Everflow. Her journey continues, a reflection of the rich complexity of Rolara, a realm where legends live and heroes are born.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

With a physique sculpted by relentless training and battle, her body is a testament to raw power and agility. Muscles ripple beneath tanned skin, each movement a display of controlled strength, her hands bearing the unnatural hardness bestowed by a diabolical pact. Her simple hide loin cloth does little to conceal the warrior's form, marred only by battle scars that tell tales of victories and defeats.

Facial Features

Lozen's hairstyle and facial features are a vivid reflection of her character, her heritage, and her journey. Her hair, wild and adorned, is a symbol of her spirit and her cultural pride. Her face, strong and expressive, is a map of her life, etched with the marks of her battles and the wisdom of her experience. Together, they create a portrait of a warrior princess, a leader, a protector, and a survivor. Her image is a captivating blend of strength and beauty, a visual echo of her complex identity, and a testament to her place in the rich and immersive world of Rolara. Her name, Lozen, continues to resonate, a symbol of strength, defiance, and the eternal dance between power and grace. Her image lingers, a captivating vision of a warrior, a leader, and a woman.  


  Lozen's hair is a wild cascade of dark, almost ebony strands, falling to her mid-back. It's thick and untamed, mirroring her untamed spirit. Often, it's pulled back from her face in intricate braids, adorned with small tokens and talismans from her tribe, each one a symbol of a battle won or a lesson learned. The braids are a testament to her cultural pride, a connection to her people, and a reflection of her status as a warrior princess.   In battle, her hair becomes a dynamic part of her presence, flowing and whipping around her as she moves, a visual echo of her ferocity. In moments of quiet reflection, it's a curtain she can hide behind, a tactile reminder of her journey and her identity.  

Facial Features

  Lozen's face is a striking combination of strength and beauty, etched with the wisdom of experience and the fire of determination. Her eyes are the most captivating feature, a deep brown that can burn with intensity or soften with compassion. They are the windows to her soul, reflecting her courage, her pain, and her relentless pursuit of justice.   Her jawline is strong and defined, a physical manifestation of her willpower and resilience. Her nose is straight and proud, bearing a slight crook from a long-forgotten battle, a mark of her warrior's life. Her lips are full and expressive, capable of a warm smile that reaches her eyes or a fierce snarl that can chill the blood.   Her skin is tanned and weathered, kissed by the sun and wind of her homeland. It bears the marks of her battles, scars that crisscross her face, each one a story, each one a part of her tapestry. Her complexion is a testament to her life's path, a road marked by triumph and loss, love and betrayal.

Apparel & Accessories

Lozen's apparel and accessories are a rich tapestry of fashion, function, and symbolism, reflecting her multifaceted identity as a princess, warrior, and leader. Her warrior's garb, armored bracers, spiritual talismans, leader's mantle, warrior's blade, sacred amulet, and practical footwear tell a story that resonates with her cultural heritage, her values, and her unique path in the mythical world of Rolara. Her attire is not merely clothing but a living narrative, a dance between strength and grace, tradition and adaptability, survival and dignity. It is a testament to her strength, wisdom, and unbreakable connection to her people, her land, and her destiny.  
Warrior's Garb
  Lozen's clothing is primarily designed for the life of a warrior. Her attire includes a durable hide loin cloth, reinforced with leather and adorned with tribal patterns. The loin cloth allows for agility and freedom of movement, essential for combat and horsemanship. Its earthy tones and natural materials reflect her connection to the Plains of Eoperax.  
Armored Bracers
  On her arms, Lozen wears armored bracers, crafted from hardened leather and metal. These bracers provide protection in battle and are adorned with symbols representing her victories, courage, and honor. They are a testament to her strength and a reminder of her warrior's oath.  
Spiritual Talismans
  Interwoven with her dark, cascading hair, Lozen carries talismans and tokens from her tribe. These include feathers, stones, and beads, each carrying spiritual significance and connection to her ancestors, the land, and the divine forces that guide her people. They are both a fashion statement and a spiritual anchor, reflecting her role as a spiritual leader.  
Leader's Mantle
  As a princess and leader, Lozen occasionally wears a mantle or cloak, symbolizing her authority and responsibility. The mantle is adorned with intricate embroidery, reflecting the tribe's artistry and cultural heritage. Its design includes motifs representing unity, wisdom, and the eternal dance between power and grace.  
Warrior's Blade
  Lozen's blade is both a weapon and an accessory, reflecting her mastery in combat. The hilt is wrapped in leather, and the blade is etched with runes and symbols telling her story. It is a symbol of her warrior's spirit, her readiness to defend her people, and her unbreakable connection to her warrior's path.  
Sacred Amulet
  Around her neck, Lozen wears a sacred amulet, a gift from the wise matriarchs of her tribe. The amulet is believed to carry protective and guiding energies, resonating with her spiritual beliefs and her connection to The Everflow. It is a symbol of her faith, her spiritual journey, and her role as a guardian of her tribe's sacred traditions.  
Practical Footwear
  Lozen's footwear is designed for the practical needs of a nomadic life and the demands of battle. Made from durable leather and reinforced with metal, her boots provide protection, support, and adaptability to various terrains. They are a testament to her readiness, her connection to the earth, and her unyielding path as a warrior-princess.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In the rugged lands of a tribe sworn against the Tatharian Empire, a warrior princess was born. Lozen, a name that would become synonymous with strength and defiance, grew under the watchful eyes of her tribal matriarchs. Her early years were marked by rigorous training, her body honed to perfection, her mind sharpened by the wisdom of her elders.   As she matured, Lozen's prowess in battle became legendary. Her muscles, already formidable, were magically enhanced by the matriarchs, granting her strength beyond ordinary limits. Her reputation spread far and wide, a symbol of her tribe's resilience and pride.   But dark clouds were gathering on the horizon. The Tatharian Empire, ever-expanding, turned its eyes towards Lozen's homelands. The drums of war sounded, and Lozen, now a fearsome warrior, stood at the forefront of the defense.   The battle was brutal, the Tatharian forces relentless. Lozen fought with the fury of a tempest, her body a whirlwind of motion, her strikes thunderous. But even the mightiest warriors can fall, and Lozen was no exception. Wounded and on the brink of defeat, she made a desperate plea to any power that would listen.   Zariel, the infernal founder of Avernus Security Company, answered her call. A pact was forged in blood and fire, Lozen's hands made impervious to harm. With this newfound power, she drove the Tatharians away, her victory a beacon of hope for her people.   Triumphant, Lozen took the mantle of leadership, guiding her tribe with wisdom and courage for five years. Her hands, unbreakable and unyielding, became a symbol of her tribe's indomitable spirit.   But ambition and power are double-edged swords. Lozen, emboldened by her success, led an offensive against Tatharia Capitolina. Her assault was a storm of destruction, her impervious hands tearing through stone and steel. It took the combined might of heroes and the Tatharian Military to finally capture her, her hands restrained, her power contained.   Imprisoned in a hanging metal cube, Lozen's world narrowed to the cold bars of her cage. But the true tragedy was yet to unfold. Zariel's terms were called due, and Lozen's homeland was pulled into Avernus, replaced by an immense pit. Her victory, once a source of pride, had become a curse.    

The Great Escape

A Pivotal Moment in Lozen's Journey
  In a defining episode of her life, Lozen found herself imprisoned in the Tatharian Empire's most secure dungeon, her body bound and her eyes cruelly taken from her. It was here that she met Pondskipper, a diminutive yet resourceful ally who shattered her cell's lock with a lightning-charged arrow. Despite her physical limitations, Lozen's indomitable spirit remained unbroken. Forming a symbiotic partnership, Pondskipper became her eyes, guiding her through the labyrinthine corridors as she provided the strength and mobility he lacked.   Navigating a maze of guards and traps, the duo reached their companions, setting the stage for a greater battle against the forces that sought to confine them. Though Lozen's hands remained bound by arcane manacles, her spirit soared with newfound hope and determination. This escape was more than a physical liberation; it was a spiritual awakening, solidifying her resolve to fight against oppressive forces.   The event became a cornerstone in Lozen's personal history, shaping her philosophy and approach to challenges that lay ahead. It was a testament to her resilience and adaptability, qualities that would serve her well in the trials and tribulations that awaited her.

Gender Identity

Lozen's views on her femininity are complex and multifaceted, reflecting her diverse roles as a princess, warrior, and leader. Her femininity is not confined to traditional stereotypes but rather embraces a broader spectrum that includes strength, grace, wisdom, and resilience. Her conflicts between these roles are not contradictions but rather dynamic tensions that enrich her character, reflecting the diverse and evolving nature of femininity itself.  

Lozen as a Princess

Femininity and Royalty
  As a princess, Lozen embodies a symbol of grace, dignity, and cultural heritage. Her femininity in this role might be expressed through her connection to the tribe's traditions, her grace in leadership, and her ability to inspire and unify her people.  
Conflict with Warrior Identity
  The role of a princess often carries expectations of delicacy and diplomacy, which might conflict with Lozen's identity as a fierce warrior. Her warrior's strength and aggression might be seen as at odds with the traditional feminine grace expected of a princess. This duality creates a dynamic tension in her character, reflecting the multifaceted nature of femininity itself.  

Lozen as a Warrior

Femininity and Strength
  Lozen's identity as a warrior is marked by physical strength, courage, and mastery in battle. Her femininity in this role is not diminished but rather redefined, embracing a form of femininity that values power, resilience, and determination.  
Conflict with Princess Identity
  The raw physicality and aggression required of a warrior might conflict with the more refined and graceful expectations of a princess. Lozen's challenge lies in balancing these seemingly opposing forces, finding harmony between strength and grace, aggression and compassion.  

Lozen as a Leader

Femininity and Leadership
  As a leader, Lozen's femininity is expressed through her wisdom, empathy, and ability to guide her people. Her leadership style might reflect a nurturing and collaborative approach, valuing community and shared goals.  
Conflict with Warrior Identity
  The responsibilities and decisions required of a leader might sometimes conflict with the warrior's code of honor and personal ambition. Lozen's ability to navigate these conflicts, embracing both her feminine wisdom and warrior's courage, defines her unique leadership style.


Lozen's asexuality is a complex and multifaceted aspect of her character, reflecting her dedication to duty, warrior's path, spiritual connection, legacy, and freedom of choice. It is not defined by absence but by presence, a presence that resonates with her cultural heritage and the values of the Eoperaxi Nomads.   Her asexuality is a sacred focus, a channeling of her essence towards the greater good, a transformation of desire into honor, victory, spiritual communion, and legacy. It is a testament to her strength, wisdom, and unbreakable connection to her people, her land, and her unique path in the mythical world of Rolara. Her story challenges and enriches our understanding of sexuality, offering a vision that transcends modern labels and resonates with timeless human truths.  

A Sacred Focus

Dedication to Duty
  Lozen's life is a testament to unwavering dedication to her people, her tribe, and her role as a princess, warrior, and leader. Her sexuality, or lack thereof, is intertwined with this dedication. In the cultural context of her tribe, her choice to remain unattached and unexplored in sexual matters is seen as a sacred focus, a channeling of her energy and essence towards the greater good of her people.  
The Warrior's Path
  As a warrior, Lozen's body and soul are honed for battle, agility, and strength. Her sexuality is sublimated into her warrior's spirit, transforming what might be personal desire into a broader desire for victory, honor, and protection of her tribe. Her warrior's path transcends personal needs, embracing a higher calling that resonates with the tribe's values.  
Spiritual Connection
  Lozen's connection to the land, the seasons, and the divine forces that guide her tribe might be seen as a form of spiritual sexuality. Her relationship with the natural world and the divine is intimate and profound, reflecting a form of union that transcends physical desire. Her sexuality is not absent but rather redirected towards a spiritual communion that nourishes her soul and guides her leadership.  
Legacy and Continuity
  Lozen's decision to entrust her matriarchal line to her younger sister, Enheduanna, reflects a deep understanding of her role and responsibilities. Her sexuality is not confined to personal exploration but is part of a broader vision of legacy and continuity. Her choice is a conscious and honorable one, aligned with the tribe's needs and her unique path.  
A Symbol of Freedom and Choice
  In the context of the Eoperaxi Nomads, Lozen's sexuality, or asexuality, is not a limitation or anomaly but a symbol of freedom and choice. It reflects her autonomy, her ability to define her path, and her courage to live authentically. Her sexuality is a personal and sacred journey, guided by her values, beliefs, and unwavering commitment to her people.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lozen's career as a princess is a rich tapestry of highlights, successes, famed exploits, and failures. Her victories in battle, unification of the tribe, spiritual leadership, defense of the plains, cultural revival, diplomatic achievements, and famed exploits define her legacy. Her failures, including imprisonment and challenges in leadership, add depth and humanity to her character, reflecting her ability to grow, learn, and triumph over adversity.  


Unification of the Tribe
  Lozen's leadership as a princess brought unity and strength to the Gemegishkirihallat Tribe. Her wisdom, courage, and ability to inspire her people led to a golden age for the tribe, marked by prosperity, cultural revival, and a renewed sense of identity.  
Victories in Battle
  Lozen's prowess as a warrior-princess is legendary. Her victories in battle against the Tatharian Empire and other foes resonate across the plains, symbolizing her indomitable spirit and mastery of strategy and combat.  
Spiritual Leadership
  Lozen's spiritual connection to the land and the divine guided her leadership, bringing a sense of purpose, harmony, and sacred focus to her tribe. Her rituals, ceremonies, and teachings enriched the tribe's spiritual life and deepened their connection to their heritage.  


Defender of the Plains
  Lozen's successful defense of the Plains of Eoperax against invaders and threats solidified her reputation as a protector and guardian. Her tactical brilliance and fearless leadership ensured the safety and sovereignty of her people's homeland.  
Cultural Revival
  Lozen's reign as a princess saw a revival of cultural traditions, arts, and expressions within the tribe. Her support for artisans, storytellers, and musicians led to a flourishing of creativity that celebrated the tribe's unique identity.  
Diplomatic Achievements
  Lozen's diplomatic skills led to successful alliances, treaties, and negotiations with neighboring tribes and powers. Her ability to balance strength and grace, assertiveness and empathy, made her a respected and effective diplomat.  

Famed Exploits

The Battle of the Sacred Pass
  Lozen's famed exploit in the Battle of the Sacred Pass, where she led a outnumbered force to victory, became a symbol of her tactical genius and unbreakable will. Her victory in this battle is celebrated in songs, stories, and legends.  
The Pact with the Divine
  Lozen's mystical pact with an infernal power, granting her unnatural hardness in her hands, is a famed exploit that resonates with mystery, power, and the eternal dance between desire and consequence.  

Failures and Resolutions

Imprisonment and Redemption
  Lozen's imprisonment, following a complex series of events, marked a dark chapter in her life. Her subsequent redemption, self-discovery, and return to her people added depth and complexity to her character, reflecting her resilience and ability to grow from failure.  
Challenges in Leadership
  Lozen's reign as a princess was not without challenges, including internal conflicts, dissent, and difficult decisions. Her ability to navigate these challenges, learn from her mistakes, and lead with wisdom and compassion shaped her legacy as a leader.

Failures & Embarrassments

Lozen's failures and embarrassments are integral to her character, reflecting her humanity, vulnerability, and ability to grow from adversity. Her imprisonment, internal conflicts, diplomatic missteps, challenges in balancing roles, public challenges to her authority, misjudgments in battle, and personal struggles with identity add depth and richness to her story.   These aspects of her life are not weaknesses but rather sources of strength, wisdom, and resilience. They resonate with timeless Human truths, offering a vision of leadership and courage that acknowledges the complexities, challenges, and triumphs of the human journey. Her story inspires empathy, understanding, and the courage to embrace both success and failure with grace and wisdom.  


  One of the significant failures in Lozen's life was her imprisonment. The circumstances leading to her capture and the time spent in confinement were a dark and challenging period. This failure tested her resilience, wisdom, and ability to reflect on her choices and grow from them.  
Internal Conflicts within the Tribe
  Lozen's reign as a princess was marked by internal conflicts and dissent within the tribe. Her failure to prevent or quickly resolve these conflicts led to divisions, mistrust, and challenges to her leadership. These failures were painful lessons in the complexities of leadership and the importance of communication, empathy, and collaboration.  
Diplomatic Missteps
  While Lozen achieved many diplomatic successes, there were also missteps and failures in her negotiations and alliances. These failures sometimes led to tensions, misunderstandings, or missed opportunities, reflecting the delicate and challenging nature of diplomacy.  
Challenges in Balancing Roles
  Lozen's multifaceted identity as a princess, warrior, and leader sometimes led to conflicts and challenges in balancing these roles. Her failures in finding harmony between her responsibilities, expectations, and personal needs added complexity to her character and her journey.  


Public Challenges to Her Authority
  Lozen faced public challenges to her authority, both from within her tribe and from external foes. These challenges were not only failures but also sources of embarrassment, testing her ability to maintain composure, assert her leadership, and regain respect and trust.  
Misjudgments in Battle
  While renowned for her tactical brilliance, Lozen also made misjudgments in battle that led to unnecessary losses or strategic disadvantages. These embarrassments were humbling experiences, reminding her of the limits of her knowledge and the importance of continuous learning and adaptation.  
Personal Struggles with Identity
  Lozen's personal struggles with her identity, roles, and expectations led to moments of embarrassment and self-doubt. Her journey to understand herself, embrace her complexities, and find her authentic path was marked by missteps, confusion, and vulnerability.

Personality Characteristics


Lozen's desires and motivations are a rich tapestry of personal ambition, love for her people, responsibility, redemption, and a complex relationship with power. They are the driving forces behind her journey, shaping her triumphs and failures, her choices and consequences. Her story is a reflection of the Human condition, a dance between desire and duty, power and consequence. It's a narrative that resonates within the world of Rolara, a testament to its depth and complexity, and a reminder of the eternal struggle that defines our existence. Lozen's odyssey continues, her desires and motivations evolving, her path fraught with challenges and opportunities, her fate a captivating mystery in the rich and immersive world that is Rolara.  
Protection of Her Homeland and People
  At the core of Lozen's being is a fierce love for her homeland and her people. Her tribe's values, traditions, and way of life are deeply ingrained in her identity. The desire to protect her land from the Tatharian invaders was not just a matter of pride but a sacred duty. This motivation fueled her determination in battle and led her to seek supernatural strength.  
Personal Power and Mastery
  Lozen's pursuit of physical strength and mastery is a reflection of her personal ambition. Her desire to excel, to be the best warrior she could be, drove her to push her limits. Her pact with Zariel was not just a means to an end but a manifestation of her relentless pursuit of power. Her hands, made impervious to harm, became a symbol of her mastery and her unbreakable will.  
Leadership and Responsibility
  With victory came leadership, and Lozen embraced her role as a guide and protector of her tribe. Her motivations shifted from personal glory to the welfare of her people. Her decisions, whether in peace or war, were guided by a sense of responsibility and a vision for her tribe's future. Her offensive against Tatharia Capitolina was not just an act of revenge but a strategic move to secure her people's safety and autonomy.  
Redemption and Atonement
  The tragic consequences of her pact with Zariel have transformed Lozen's motivations. The loss of her homeland and the displacement of her people weigh heavily on her conscience. Her desire for power has been replaced by a quest for redemption. Her motivations are no longer about personal gain but about atonement for her actions. She seeks to escape not just for her freedom but to right the wrongs she has done and to restore her honor.  
Complex Relationship with Power
  Lozen's relationship with power is multifaceted. It has been a source of triumph, a tool for protection, and a path to leadership. But it has also been a curse, leading to loss and imprisonment. Her motivations are shaped by this complex relationship, a constant struggle between ambition and responsibility, mastery and humility.  
Cultural and Spiritual Influences
  Lozen's desires and motivations are also influenced by her cultural and spiritual beliefs. Her connection to her tribal matriarchs, her understanding of honor and duty, and her spiritual connection to her land all play a role in shaping her actions and decisions.



Princess Lozen Banunu Arahunaa's reign as the warrior princess of the Gemegishkirihallat Tribe was a time of triumph, transformation, and ultimately, tragedy.   Her reign began with a desperate plea for strength as Tatharian invaders threatened her homeland. Empowered by her tribal matriarchs through the blessings of The Everflow, and later by a diabolical pact with Zariel, Lozen's strength became legendary. Her hands, made impervious to harm, became a symbol of her power and her unbreakable will.   As a leader, Lozen was both feared and revered. Her charisma, born of raw power and determination, inspired her people. Her victories in battle were not just personal triumphs but a manifestation of her tribe's resilience and pride. She led her people with a fierce love, guided by a vision of autonomy and safety.   Her reign was marked by a strategic offensive against Tatharia Capitolina, a bold move to secure her people's future. But it was a decision fraught with risk and consequences. Much destruction was caused, and her actions drew the attention of a team of heroes and the might of the Tatharian Military.   Her reign ended in a dramatic and somber note, as she was finally restrained and imprisoned. Her once-impervious hands were held together, rendering her as helpless as any common Human. She was placed in a hanging metal cube, a cage suspended over immense depths, accessible only through a drawbridge operated from afar.   Her imprisonment was a symbol of her fall from grace, a reflection of her complex relationship with power, and a testament to her eternal struggle between ambition and responsibility. Her reign, once filled with triumph and hope, ended in isolation and longing, her name echoing in the annals of Rolara, a reminder of strength, defiance, and the eternal dance between power and grace. Her legacy continues to resonate, a captivating mystery in the rich and immersive world of Rolara, her fate a challenge for those brave enough to explore the depths of her soul and the world she inhabits. Her name, Lozen, lingers, a symbol of a warrior, a leader, and a woman, her story a testament to the complexity of power, leadership, and destiny.

Religious Views

Lozen's religious views are a complex tapestry of devotion, conflict, reflection, and redemption. Her beliefs have evolved from traditional devotion to spiritual conflict, deep reflection, and a desire for redemption. Her isolation has been a crucible of transformation, shaping her understanding of herself and her relationship with the divine. Her story is a reflection of the Human condition, a dance between faith and ambition, wisdom and desire. Her journey continues, guided by the subtle influence of The Everflow, a testament to the rich complexity of her character and the immersive world of Rolara. Her fate remains a captivating mystery, a challenge for those brave enough to explore the depths of her soul and the spiritual landscape she inhabits. Her name, Lozen, echoes in the annals of Rolara, a symbol of strength, defiance, and the eternal dance between power and grace, guided by the wisdom of The Everflow.  

A Journey of Transformation

Devotion to The Everflow
  Lozen's initial religious views were deeply rooted in her tribe's devotion to The Everflow, the deity embodying wisdom, life, and light. Her connection to this deity was not just spiritual but personal, as her strength was enhanced through the Everflow's power. Her beliefs were aligned with the principles of self-discovery, overcoming challenges, and the nurturing aspect of water.  
Pact with Zariel and Spiritual Conflict
  Lozen's pact with Zariel marked a departure from her traditional beliefs. By seeking power from an infernal source, she created a spiritual conflict within herself. This decision was a rebuke to The Everflow's principles, a choice driven by desperation and ambition rather than wisdom and enlightenment. Her religious views became more complex, reflecting her struggle between her tribal values and her personal desires.  
Isolation and Reflection
  Lozen's imprisonment and isolation provided a space for introspection and reflection. Cut off from her people and her homeland, she was forced to confront the consequences of her actions and the choices that led her to this point. Her religious views began to shift, shaped by her longing for redemption and her desire to reconnect with The Everflow's principles.   During her isolation, Lozen's understanding of The Everflow deepened. She began to see her journey as a reflection of the Hero's Journey, resonating with the Everflow's themes of transformation and adaptation. Her longing for redemption became a spiritual quest, guided by the Everflow's subtle signs and omens.   Her isolation also led to a reevaluation of her pact with Zariel. The tragic loss of her homeland and the displacement of her people weighed heavily on her conscience. She began to see the infernal pact as a betrayal of her true self, a departure from her spiritual path.  
Reconnection and Redemption
  Lozen's religious views have evolved into a desire for reconnection and redemption. Her beliefs are no longer about personal power but about restoring her honor and protecting her people. She seeks to atone for her actions and to realign herself with The Everflow's principles of wisdom, life, and light.   Her isolation has transformed her understanding of her relationship with The Everflow. She sees her journey as a reflection of the deity's universal themes, her struggle as a path to self-discovery, and her redemption as a return to her spiritual roots.  

Lozen and The Everflow: A Complex Relationship

Initial Blessing and Enhancement
  Lozen's initial strength was enhanced by her tribal matriarchs, who invoked the power of the Everflow. This deity's attributes of wisdom, life, and light were channeled into Lozen, granting her extraordinary physical prowess. Her strength was not just a manifestation of physical power but a reflection of the Everflow's universal themes of self-discovery and overcoming challenges.  
Rebuke and Conflict
  Lozen's pact with Zariel marked a turning point in her relationship with the Everflow. By seeking power from an infernal source, she rebuked the deity's influence, choosing a path that was at odds with the Everflow's principles of wisdom and enlightenment. This decision created a spiritual conflict within Lozen, a struggle between her tribal values and her personal ambition.  
Consequences and Redemption
  The tragic consequences of Lozen's pact with Zariel, including the loss of her homeland, can be seen as a reflection of her departure from the Everflow's path. Her quest for redemption is not just about atoning for her actions but reconnecting with the Everflow's principles. Her desire to restore her honor and protect her people aligns with the Everflow's themes of the Hero's Journey, resonating with the innate struggle for self-discovery.  
Cultural and Spiritual Connection
  Lozen's connection to the Everflow is also a reflection of her cultural identity. Her tribe's reverence for this deity, their practices, and rituals, shaped her understanding of honor, duty, and leadership. The Everflow's symbols, such as the drop of water encased in a golden disc, may hold special significance for Lozen, representing her journey, her transformations, and her complex relationship with power.

Social Aptitude

  Lozen's charisma is not of the conventional sort. Her presence is commanding and intimidating, reflecting her physical prowess and warrior's spirit. Her charisma is a manifestation of her strength and determination, attracting those who value courage and resilience. However, it can also be off-putting to those who find her intensity overwhelming.  
  Lozen's confidence is unshakable, born from her mastery in battle and her leadership role. She carries herself with the assurance of one who has faced death and triumphed. Her confidence is a double-edged sword, inspiring her followers but sometimes leading to overconfidence and rash decisions, as seen in her offensive against Tatharia Capitolina.  
  Lozen's ego is complex. While she possesses a strong sense of self and takes pride in her abilities, her ego is tempered by her sense of duty and responsibility. Her pact with Zariel and the subsequent consequences have further humbled her, leading to a more reflective and introspective ego.  
  Lozen's extroversion is limited, reflecting her warrior's focus and her isolation. While she can be forceful and assertive when needed, she is not naturally inclined to socialize or engage in small talk. Her interactions are often direct and to the point, reflecting her practical mindset.  
Etiquette and Mannerisms
  Lozen's etiquette and mannerisms are shaped by her tribal upbringing and her warrior's code. Her behavior is guided by a sense of honor and respect, particularly towards her elders and fellow warriors. However, her etiquette may be considered rough or unconventional by more refined standards. Her mannerisms reflect her physicality, with strong gestures and a direct gaze.   Her speech is often peppered with tribal idioms and warrior's metaphors, reflecting her cultural background. Her laughter is hearty, and her expressions are unguarded, reflecting her authenticity and lack of pretense.  
Impact of Isolation
  Lozen's isolation has further limited her social aptitude. Cut off from her people and her familiar environment, she has become more introspective and withdrawn. Her interactions are tinged with a sense of longing and loss, reflecting her longing for redemption and her desire to reconnect with her people.



Friend (Important)

Towards Pondskipper




Friend (Important)

Towards Lozen




The Unspoken Bond


Lozen and Pondskipper's Complex Relationship

  In the aftermath of their daring escape, Lozen and Pondskipper found themselves bound by more than just shared adversity. A deep respect had formed between them, a foundation upon which further complexities could be built. Lozen, a warrior of indomitable spirit but limited vocabulary for her own emotional landscape, found herself in a unique situation. She could feel love, a deep emotional connection with others, but lacked a physical attraction, a nuance she couldn't easily express.   Pondskipper, on the other hand, felt a growing romantic and physical attraction towards Lozen. The Grung was drawn to the Human's strength, resilience, and the unspoken depths of her character. Yet, Pondskipper was aware that this attraction could not be physically consummated, a realization that added a layer of poignant complexity to her feelings.   Lozen, sensing a deeper connection but not fully grasping its nature, offered her strength to Pondskipper's party as a token of her gratitude and friendship. She saw it as a path to return to her people, to the tribe that roamed the lands she longed for. Pondskipper, touched by the offer, reciprocated with a promise of potential healing. She remembered her mentor, Samael, a mage of incredible power who could regenerate even lost limbs under the right circumstances.   The agreement to seek out Samael for healing became a symbolic pact between them, a mutual commitment to each other's well-being and future. It was an unspoken acknowledgment of the complex emotional terrain they were navigating, a landscape filled with the peaks and valleys of friendship, respect, and unrequited love.   As they set out on their journey, both Lozen and Pondskipper were acutely aware that they were stepping into uncharted emotional territory. Yet, they moved forward, each driven by their own complex motivations and bound by a friendship that was becoming as intricate as it was deep. The road ahead was uncertain, but the promise of discovery—of themselves and each other—made every step worth taking.

Chaotic Neutral
Current Status
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Unbroken Hand, Defender of the Plains, Heroine of Gemegishkirihallat, The Plains Princess
Year of Birth
1492 PE 35 Years old
Deep brown, intense and expressive
Ebony, thick, and cascading to mid-back, often braided
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned and weathered, marked by battle scars
183 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"With hands of iron and heart of fire, I stand unbroken, a warrior, a mother, a storm. Cross me, and face the tempest."


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