Captain Analista (a.k.a. Captain Roberts)

The Princely Pauper, a vessel crafted from the finest timbers of the Land of Jiao, sailed through the moonlit Abyss like a phantom. Its indigo sails, dyed to catch the wind like a Sorcerer captures arcane energy, billowed effortlessly. At the helm stood Captain Roberts, her eyes locked onto the horizon, a boundary that defied simple categorization.   "Captain Roberts, a merchant ship to starboard," reported First Mate "Iron" Isolde, her voice tinged with anticipation.   A cunning smile graced the Captain's lips. "Merchant or not, they sail in my waters. Prepare the Celestial cannons."   As the crew, a motley assembly bound by a shared code of conduct, readied themselves, Captain Roberts felt the weight of her cutlass—a weight she bore with honor. The Princely Pauper drew alongside the merchant vessel, its formidable cannons, each named after a celestial body, aimed and ready.   "Your cargo or your life!" Captain Roberts declared, her voice carrying the authority of the abyss itself.   The merchant captain, trembling, gestured to his cargo hold. "Take what you want, just spare our lives."   Her eyes met his, and for a moment, he saw something unexpected—mercy. "We take only what we need," she said, sheathing her cutlass. "And in return, you carry a message: Tell all who sail these waters that Captain Roberts honors the pirate code."   As she returned to her ship, her crew bursting into cheers, Captain Roberts looked once more to the horizon. It was a line she would never cross, a boundary that separated her from the monsters she had overthrown. In that moment, she knew her journey was far from over, but for now, she sailed in waters that were a little more just.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Analista's physique is a living testament to a life carved from the unforgiving sea and sharpened by the cutthroat world of piracy. Her lithe form, honed by countless skirmishes and daring escapades, moves with the fluid grace of a predatory feline, each step a calculated dance between danger and allure. Yet, beneath the surface of her athletic beauty lies a labyrinth of scars, each a silent chapter in the epic of her tumultuous life, revealing nothing and everything about the battles she's fought—both physical and internal.

Body Features

In a world where appearances often betray the complexities of one's lineage, Analista stands as a living enigma. At first glance, she could easily be mistaken for a Human—her form sculpted by the rigors of the sea and the cutthroat life of piracy. Yet, upon closer inspection, the subtle marks of her fiendish heritage emerge like whispers in the wind, quiet but impossible to ignore.  


  Crowning her head are two slate-blue horns, slender as the crescent moons that grace Rolara's night sky. They rise from her temples in a graceful arc, their hue a muted testament to her infernal ancestry. These horns are not mere ornamentation; they are Celestial echoes, a nod to the otherworldly lineage that courses through her veins. Unobtrusive yet undeniable, they serve as a constant reminder of the duality that defines her existence.  


  Trailing behind her is a long, thin Devil's tail, a sinuous appendage that moves with a life of its own. It is the inked quill with which Analista writes her life's story, a silent partner in her dance between danger and allure. The tail's length and slender form allow for deft maneuvering, whether she's navigating the narrow corridors of her ship, The Princely Pauper, or the labyrinthine docks of Palm Harbor. It is a devilish detail that adds a layer of complexity to her already enigmatic persona.  


  Beneath the surface of her athletic beauty lies a labyrinth of scars, each a silent chapter in the epic of her tumultuous life. These scars are the battle hymns of her past, revealing nothing and everything about the physical and internal battles she's fought. They are the stanzas in the poem of her existence, a narrative written in the language of resilience and survival.

Facial Features

In the tapestry of Analista's life, her face serves as the focal point, a canvas where the artistry of her lineage and experiences converge. Her eyes, pools of cerulean blue, are the windows to a soul that has navigated both the treacherous waters of the sea and the labyrinthine corridors of Human emotion. They hold within them the wisdom of countless horizons seen and uncharted territories explored, their gaze as piercing as the North Star on a moonless night.   Her lips, a muted shade of coral, are the keepers of secrets and the whisperers of orders that have changed the tides of battles. They curve with the enigmatic grace of a crescent Moon, revealing nothing yet hinting at the depths of cunning and intellect that lie beneath. When she smiles, it's like the first glimmer of dawn breaking the night—captivating yet fleeting, a momentary lapse in her otherwise impenetrable facade.   Her skin, kissed by the sun and caressed by the salty sea breeze, bears the hue of burnished bronze. It serves as the backdrop for the subtle, almost ethereal, markings that trace their way across her cheekbones and forehead—faint azure lines that echo the color of her horns, a Celestial script written by the hand of her fiendish ancestry.   Her nose, neither too prominent nor too subtle, sits in harmonious proportion to her other features. It is the rudder that steers the ship of her face, lending her an air of regal authority that commands attention yet invites intrigue.   In this visage, every element comes together in a symphony of contrasts and harmonies, creating a countenance that is as complex as the seas she sails and as enigmatic as the stars that guide her. It is a face that has been sculpted by the winds of fate and the tides of time, a living testament to the woman she has become: conniving, clever, and pernicious, yet eternally averse to needless violence and bloodshed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In the labyrinthine docks of Palm Harbor, where the scent of salt and sin intermingle, Captain Analista has carved out her dominion. Yet, her journey to this point is a tapestry woven from threads of cunning, tragedy, and hard-earned wisdom.   Born to a family of Tiefling merchants, Analista was always drawn to the sea. Her youthful eyes would gaze longingly at the horizon, where the ocean kissed the sky. But it was not until her late teens that she found her way aboard a pirate ship—The Princely Pauper, captained by the legendary Wesley Roberts.   Under Wesley's tutelage, Analista learned the art of piracy interlaced with a code of honor. Wesley was not just a pirate; he was a mentor, instilling in his crew a sense of purpose that transcended mere plunder. His influence left an indelible mark on Analista, shaping her understanding of leadership and morality. She admired his ability to balance ruthlessness with compassion, a duality she would later strive to emulate.   However, the golden age of the Princely Pauper came to an abrupt end with Wesley's retirement. His younger brother, Adred Roberts, took the helm, steering the ship into a dark Abyss of cruelty and avarice. Adred's reign was a stark contrast to his brother's, marked by indiscriminate violence and a complete disregard for the pirate code that Wesley had upheld. It was under Adred that Analista witnessed the massacre of a merchant vessel, an act so vile it shook her to her core.   Unable to reconcile with the monster that the Princely Pauper had become, Analista found an ally in Pocket Strings, a Tabaxi lookout and one of the last remnants of Wesley's legacy. Together, they orchestrated a mutiny, overthrowing Adred and reclaiming the ship. Pocket Strings, burdened by responsibilities at the Spelljammer Academy, entrusted the Princely Pauper to Analista, who took the mantle of captaincy with a solemn vow—to honor Wesley's code and to steer clear of the path that led Adred to his ruin.   Today, Analista stands as a paradoxical figure, conniving yet principled, ruthless yet averse to needless violence. Her crew, a motley assembly of men and women, follow her not just out of fear or awe, but because they see in her the echoes of a pirate age that once was—a time when honor among thieves was more than just a fanciful notion. And so, under the guise of the feared Captain Wesley Roberts, Analista sails the treacherous waters, her true identity known only to a select few, her eyes ever on the horizon that she once dreamt of as a child.


Emotional Complexity and Unrequited Love

  Analista's sexual identity is intrinsically linked to a tapestry of emotional complexities. One of the most poignant aspects of her sexuality is her unrequited love for Pocket Strings, the Tabaxi pirate who once served under Wesley Roberts on The Princely Pauper. While she has engaged in various trysts and romances, her emotional investment in Pocket Strings stands as a significant, albeit silent, chapter in her life. Her reticence to express these feelings stems from her awareness of Pocket Strings' affections for another woman. This unspoken love adds a layer of vulnerability to Analista, contrasting sharply with her otherwise conniving and pernicious demeanor.  

Strategic Utilization of Allure

  In stark juxtaposition to her emotional vulnerability is Analista's strategic use of her sexuality. She is acutely aware of the power dynamics that her athletic beauty can influence. As an expert manipulator, she employs her allure as a tool for negotiation and control. Whether it's to keep her crew in line or to gain an upper hand in dealings, her sexuality becomes an extension of her cunning leadership. However, it is crucial to note that these manipulations never culminate in sexual intercourse. This boundary serves as a demarcation line, preserving a sense of personal integrity amidst her otherwise morally ambiguous actions.


Seafaring Skills

  Under the tutelage of the late Captain Wesley Roberts, Analista acquired an extensive repertoire of seafaring skills. Her nimble fingers learned the art of knot-tying, mastering complex configurations that could withstand the harshest of storms. She became proficient in navigation, her eyes trained to read both Celestial bodies and nautical charts with equal ease. Her ears grew attuned to the subtle shifts in wind, allowing her to anticipate changes in weather long before they manifested. Wesley Roberts, a man of wisdom and foresight, ensured that Analista was well-versed in the maintenance of a ship, from the intricacies of rigging to the nuances of hull repair.  

Lessons in Piracy

  Wesley Roberts was not merely a pirate; he was a pirate with a code, a moral compass that guided his actions on the high seas. It was this code that he imparted to Analista, lessons that transcended the mere acquisition of wealth. He taught her the ethics of target selection, focusing on the avaricious merchants whose coffers were filled at the expense of the impoverished. Analista learned the value of mercy and the strategic importance of taking prisoners over needless slaughter. Wesley's teachings extended to the equitable distribution of spoils, a practice that fostered loyalty among the crew. He instilled in her the belief that a pirate could be both feared and respected, a paradox that became the cornerstone of Analista's own leadership style.  

The Shadow of Adred Roberts

  Though she never sailed under Adred Roberts, his dark legacy served as a cautionary tale for Analista. She witnessed firsthand the corrosive impact of his greed and cruelty on the crew of The Princely Pauper. His actions, a stark contrast to the honorable piracy of Wesley Roberts, reinforced her commitment to uphold the values she had learned. Adred's villainy became the antithesis of what she aspired to be, a constant reminder of the Abyss that awaited those who surrendered to their basest instincts.


Crewmate on The Princely Pauper

Position: Crewmate
Duration: 5 Years
  • Deck maintenance
  • Sailing and navigation support
  • Cargo management
  • Participating in boarding actions
  In the swaying bowels of the Princely Pauper, Analista found her sea legs as a crewmate. Her hands, once unaccustomed to the coarse ropes and weathered wood, soon bore the calluses of experience. She was responsible for the upkeep of the deck, a task she executed with meticulous care. Her role also extended to assisting in navigation, where her keen sense of direction and understanding of Celestial cues proved invaluable. Cargo management fell under her purview, requiring a discerning eye for value and efficient use of limited space. When the call for boarding actions came, Analista was among the first to leap onto enemy decks, cutlass in hand. Her time as a crewmate was marked by an unwavering diligence and a natural aptitude for the multifaceted demands of seafaring.  

Promotion to Quartermaster

Position: Quartermaster
Duration: 3 Years
  • Inventory management
  • Crew discipline
  • Financial record-keeping
  • Strategic planning in piracy operations
  Elevated by her undeniable competence and the crew's respect, Analista ascended to the role of Quartermaster. No longer just a cog in the machine, she became the mechanism that kept the gears turning smoothly. Her ledger and quill were as mighty as her cutlass, meticulously tracking the ship's inventory—from cannonballs to rations. Discipline among the crew became her solemn duty, a task she executed with a firm but fair hand. Financial records, too, fell under her meticulous gaze, ensuring that each crew member received their due share. Most crucially, she became an architect of strategy, her cunning mind devising intricate plans for piracy operations that balanced risk and reward.  

Ascension to Captaincy

Position: Captain (Under the alias of Captain Roberts)
Duration: Present
  • Overall ship management
  • Crew leadership and morale
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Navigation and route planning
  In the wake of Adred Roberts' overthrow, Analista donned a mantle heavy with both responsibility and legacy—the mantle of Captain Roberts. She became the unseen hand steering the Princely Pauper through treacherous waters and moral complexities. Her leadership style, a tapestry woven from the ethical threads of Wesley Roberts and her own cunning, emphasized a code of conduct that was as strategic as it was honorable. She managed not just the ship, but the souls aboard it, instilling a sense of unity and purpose. Her decisions, whether charting a course through perilous reefs or planning a heist, were calculated yet daring. Under her alias, she has managed to keep the legend of Captain Roberts alive, all while carving her own indelible mark on the annals of piracy.

Morality & Philosophy

Her philosophy is a complex amalgamation of influences, primarily shaped by her experiences under the contrasting leaderships of Adred and Wesley Roberts.  

Influence of Adred Roberts

  Adred Roberts, a man of unrestrained avarice and cruelty, serves as a cautionary tale in Analista's life. Witnessing his merciless actions and the subsequent disarray of The Princely Pauper, Analista developed a deep-seated aversion to needless violence and bloodshed. Adred's villainous approach to piracy has become the antithesis of what Analista stands for; she is vehemently opposed to the indiscriminate slaughter and exploitation that characterized his reign.  

Influence of Wesley Roberts

  In stark contrast, Wesley Roberts represents the moral zenith in Analista's ethical landscape. His code of honor, which emphasized fairness and generosity, resonated deeply with her. Wesley's mentorship of young sailors, including Pocket Strings, showcased a leadership style that valued individual growth and collective well-being. Analista idolizes these traits and incorporates them into her own code, albeit adapted to her cunning and pernicious nature.  

Personal Code

  Analista's personal code is a nuanced tapestry, woven from the threads of her experiences and influences. While she can be conniving and ruthless in the pursuit of her goals, she avoids unnecessary cruelty. Her discomfort with direct violence has led her to delegate such tasks, but always with a calculated assessment of its necessity and impact. She values the well-being of her crew and is willing to go to great lengths to protect them, their treasure, and their shared ambitions.  

Pragmatic Altruism

  Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Analista's morality is her form of pragmatic altruism. While she is no stranger to the darker aspects of piracy, she also understands the power of reputation and loyalty. Her crew, kept in line through a blend of awe, fear, and respect, are more than just subordinates; they are a community bound by a shared code of conduct that reflects Analista's complex morality.

Personality Characteristics


Analista, the enigmatic Tiefling captain of the pirate ship Princely Pauper, is a study in contrasts. Her motivations and desires are shaped by a complex interplay of past experiences, personal ethics, and the ever-changing dynamics of piracy and power.  


  1. Self-Preservation: At the core of Analista's actions is an innate desire for self-preservation. Having witnessed the downfall of the original Captain Wesley Roberts and the brutal reign of Adred Roberts, she understands the precarious nature of pirate leadership. Her cunning and clever strategies are often designed to ensure her own survival and that of her trusted crew.
  3. Wealth Accumulation: Like any pirate, Analista is motivated by the allure of treasure. However, her approach to acquiring wealth is tempered by a moral code that abhors needless violence and bloodshed. This makes her selective in her targets, often choosing those who, in her eyes, deserve to be divested of their riches.
  5. Crew Loyalty: Analista places immense value on the loyalty and well-being of her crew. She employs her charisma and athletic beauty to inspire awe and allegiance, ensuring that her crew's interests align with her own. This loyalty is not just a tool for control but a genuine concern for those who serve under her.
  7. Secret Identity: Maintaining her secret identity as the captain is crucial for Analista. The world believes that the dread pirate Captain Wesley Roberts still commands The Princely Pauper, a misconception she encourages to keep her enemies off balance and to preserve her own mystique.
  9. Moral Code: Influenced by the honorable piracy code of Wesley Roberts, Analista has a set of ethics that guide her actions. She is ruthless when she needs to be but avoids unnecessary cruelty. This moral compass sets her apart from other pirates and makes her a complex, unpredictable force.


  1. Vindication: Analista seeks to prove that a pirate captain can be both feared and honorable, challenging the stereotype of pirates as mere bloodthirsty marauders.
  3. Legacy: Deep down, Analista desires to leave a legacy that rivals or even surpasses that of Wesley Roberts. She aims to be remembered not just as a successful pirate but as a transformative figure in the annals of Rolara's maritime history.
  5. Emotional Connection: Though she may not openly admit it, Analista yearns for genuine emotional connections. Her relationship with Pocket Strings, who now leads the Spelljammer Academy, is a testament to this hidden desire for companionship and mutual respect.
  7. Justice: Having seen the consequences of Adred Roberts' brutal leadership, Analista harbors a desire to bring justice to those who abuse their power. This often manifests in her choice of targets and her treatment of prisoners.
  9. Discovery: The world of Rolara is filled with arcane mysteries and hidden treasures. Analista's adventurous spirit drives her to seek out these enigmas, not just for material gain but for the sheer thrill of discovery.
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1498 PE 29 Years old
Seafoam green, almond shaped
Floor length, Sleek, jet-black hair woven into tropical braids
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sun-kissed ashen skin
135 lbs.
Owned Vehicles


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