(a.k.a. Sir Flek, Sylvarran of Sylvandale.)

One of the Fellowship of Pelor.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical features - slightly stronger than the typical fey due to years of manual work. Blond hair, blue eyes, always wears a black head scarf in memory of his human parents and it helps with the sun as well.   One unusual feature of Flek is what appears to be a tattoo of the eye of a bird of prey at the base of his right palm. He had this when he was found and it has always been there. As he sets out into the world, nobody knows what it means including Flek.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Flek was called Thoron'ereb at his birth, which means 'lonely eagle', but was unusually abandoned by his mother. He was found by the humans Deek and Yari, husband and wife, while hunting for berries and small mammals on the edge of the forest to supplement their farming diet. Being humble farmers they didn't know what to do with the elven baby but they couldn't let go after a while so decided to bring the baby up as their own. They gave him a name and loved him like the son they never had. However after 60 years they died of age and Flek was left alone to tend the farm of his adopted parents. He lived for several more years amongst the humans who respected him, but his friends are aging quickly and the attacks on local farms have driven him to fulfill his destiny sooner than the gods would have liked. For more information read the section on the Sylvarran and the Chaos Wars.  


Flek has recently become a father to a new baby son. The son's name is Thoron'alata (raidiant eagle), Alata to his family and friends. He has moved into the Sylvandale wood and is thinking on how to rebuild the lost Sylvarran.
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