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The Old Church of Ashtar

The Old Church of Ashtar lies some 4 miles outside of town, deeper into the Bandit Wood. Back in 1904 CY, before the wood had a name, the Church was a centre of learning for priests of Pelor. That year bandits based in the wood overran the church. The wood was named Bandit Wood at that time and has stuck, even though there are probably no bandits operating in the wood now. They then made the church their base.

Purpose / Function

The captain of the guards who were stationed at the old church was killed in the fighting and her pledge to keep the church safe was never honoured so her spirit could not take its rest in the after life. It remained at the church, haunting the crypt and lower levels where the clerics of Pelor were once trained. The bandits soon left the church, as it was clear it was haunted. A few people returned to try and claim the church but were scared off by the ghost of the captain of the guard. Eventually the Church of Pelor gave up on the old building and left it deserted and unclaimed. As a result all manner of evil nasties made their way into its lower levels.   Development In 2000 CY a group of Goblinsplitter Orcs made their way down from the Jagged Peaks, through the Furrowed Hills and came upon the Bandit Wood. As they roamed it they came across the empty church. Killing and routing the few occupants of the upper levels the orcs made it their new home and planned many raids from it. Shortly after taking over the church, their leaders ventured into the lower levels, encountered the ghost and ran. They barricaded the ways up from the lower levels and satisfied themselves with control of the church itself. From here they set out to conduct new raids on the merchants of the area.   Soon the Church of Pelor tired of these raids and decided it was time the Old Church was reclaimed for the glory of Pelor. They hired a group of adventurers led by Fortuna and Father Licinius, a paladin and priest of Pelor respectively, who cleared the church of orc bandits and all the evil nasties in the lower levels, finally setting the soul of the captain to rest.   The Old Church has since been refurbished and reconsecrated and Abbot Kieran has been sent there to oversee its running. He has now moved on to greater things.
Alternative Names
The Old Church
Temple / Church
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