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Every pirates dream.

Treasure, that is what all pirates are searching for. A treasure so big that they can do what they want whenever they want for the rest of their lives.


For the majority of pirates, the idea of finding, or winning a large treasure is what drives them. It is their mental fuel to keep going on with their pirating activities. The idea of getting rich beyond dreams is extremly luring. A captain should be aware of this. The crew needs to always have the idea that this is within their reach, otherwise they will walk away, and try to find another ship, a more regular job. Or worse, start a mutiny. A good captain can even use the mere Idea of Treasure somewhere in the future to motivate the crew to do something they otherwise wouldn't do.


Roger counting his share by Imarksm via Pixabay

Obviously having treasure means you can spend that treasure on things, and people. Giving you power over those people. But the real trick is having treasure, not spending it and still having power, a system often used by governments. Or if you're really a master of words, not even having treasure yet, but still having power. Getting stuff done on the promise of treasure. Manipulating the actions of people in your favour by only mentioning the richness of their dream. It's as they say; Money is the grease of the gears of bureaucracy. But the idea of money can change people's minds.


In the Articles, the Pirate crew have written down how any treasure, prize or gain should be shared.

  • 3 Shares for the ship, for upkeep, stores, provisions.
  • 3 Shares for the Captain
  • 2 Shares for the Chief Officer
  • 1½ Share for the Chief Engineer, Boatswain, Second Officer.
  • 1¼ Share for the Master at arms, cook
  • 1 Share for all other Sailors

  • For some forgotten historic reason Ship's cats get one share, but a Pirate's Parrot do not. Luckily the Parrot's have not yet figured this out.

    Buried Treasure

    It's an old myth that a pirate is so rich that he doesn't know what to do with his treasure and buries it on some uninhabited tropical island to be kept hidden and safe for later. Treasure maps and routes full of traps are made, which may or may not be navigated by explores and adventurers decades later, again motivaded by the mere idea of a potentional treasure.

    But even the Pirate crew from our story here, has burried treasure. The gold coins they got, Armani couldn't change them all at once to a more easily spendable currency, as he couldn't flood the market with this type of coin all of the sudden. So the pirates sailed around with it for a while. But when Peter James Jacobson died, they filled the empty space in his coffin up with coins.

    There the bones of the former captain guarded over them untill the Red Sunrise was built.

    Do you want to know more about Roger? Click here: Ship's cat
    Preferably Gold! but silver is also okay.
    Common State
    Pirate Map of Burried Treasure by ArtsyBeeKids via pixabay

    Large Treasures gained by the Pirates

  • Large chest of gold coins, for returning Maria Torres home. Of which the majority are burried.
  • 14 Million USD, from a sea crossing money transport. .
  • 36 Tank guns, from the Achenar some where sold, but most where used as Guns of the Sunset Dawn.
  • Diamonds, On the smuggling run the pirates did, they kept a bucket of diamonds for themselves, a few where later used to spice up Rose her ball gown.

  • Treasure sought after

    Somewhere in the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico a large prize fleet from the Spanish colonial times, is still laying on the seafloor, several billion dollars worth of gold, silver and other valuables, is supposedly waiting to be found. The pirates have their ears out to any rumours that someone might have found it. So they can relieve those finders of their burden once they get it above the waves.


    Author's Notes

    Answer to the World Anvil Summer Camp 2023 prompt: 3. A resource that provides fuel or power.

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